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The Towel Game / Bathrooms at Helios

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The Towel Game / Bathrooms at Helios

Post by beachbums » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:12 pm

With the addition of Helios restaurant on the RST beach, the towel game is alive and well, more than ever. So be prepared! If your going to sleep in for a while, good luck until much later in the afternoon.

Helios is great addition to the RST. We ate 6 meals there and were very satisfied with the service and ordered food from the menu. Not so carzy about the buffet concept though. The live music is a nice touch and adds to the atmosphere. Well done RST! Cerveza is served in bottles instead of being poured from the tap.

However, they have bathrooms for those in the resturant and they are strategicaly placed so the beach goers have to go around to the other side and use the bathrooms provided near the main pool. For the mens room, there is one toilet for all main pool users and the beach. When the Domincian diet starts running through you, that is an issue! My wife said there was two toliets for the ladies, but one always had issues. TRS needs to re-think the bathroom issues for their guests using the beach and main pool areas.

So if you rise early, before 8 am, you should be fine to get a decent spot on the beach and then enjoy breakfest and lunch at Helios.


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Re: The Towel Game / Bathrooms at Helios

Post by minou » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:52 pm

Always has been a demand on the beach and Helios took away several spots. If you wait until after breakfast you may not find spots, especially in winter.

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