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Frequent Visitor Benefits?

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Frequent Visitor Benefits?

Post by stlmon »

This will be our 19th trip to a Palladium, but first time to Riviera Maya. I've read about VIP bands, etc, do we qualify? How do we request?
We're staying at White Sands, but would love to have access to TRS facilities.

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Re: Frequent Visitor Benefits?

Post by Brenda »

Hello stimon,
Wow 19 trips to the grand Palladium, that’s a lot of times, you’re certainly an addict. Mention in the email how many times you’ve been to the resort. I’m not sure if they will have a record of your stays to their sister resorts. If you have proof of your travel, I suggest to
take it along. Send in your request to -
And a cc to -

Sample of request letter -

To Whom It May Concern:
We will be arriving at The Grand Palladium White Sand Resort on _______, and will stay 7 nights. We are writing to make our room request. We are celebrating our ______ while at your resort. I am a member of the Palladium Addict message forum - I am _____ on that forum.
We were thrilled with the resort last year! We are returning guests or this is our first visit. Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you for your help. Mention your a Palladium Addict.
Confirmation Number (Booking agency ______):
OLD booking number from last year– we are returning guests: ________
Requests (in order of importance - I understand that nothing is guaranteed, but would appreciate these considerations): WHITE SAND SUITE (or whatever room you've booked)
Ocean view
Building 58 or 59
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Re: Frequent Visitor Benefits?

Post by stlmon »

Thank you!
Yes, I guess we qualify as addicts. 15 times to Jamaica ( as recently as last month), twice in Vallarta, and one time to Turquesa.
For some reason, we just never made it to Riviera Maya. Just made the flight reservations last night, and can begin the countdown to June..

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Re: Frequent Visitor Benefits?

Post by cactusrose »

I imagine as many times as you've gone to the Palladiums, you know about sending in a request to the resort ONE WEEK before your arrival. Each resort has their own email address in which to send. Even within the resorts that have a TRS associated on their premises, there is a separate email for that resort. Well now that you are going to the RM (finally!) LOL!, you need to submit a request like before. Here is the page with the general info. to follow on where and what to send in your request. The email links are shown after a few paragraph on the page: ... nformation

Not sure why the links sent to you by Brenda are different than the request links we have always provided Addicts that want to know where to send their request?

The resort has a new program that was started in late fall called the "REWARDS Loyalty Program". It is free.

Receiving a VIP bracelet has always been at the discretion of resort management and never an automatic "given". With this new REWARDS program, we still aren't certain whether or not this VIP is going to be a continued perk for guests who have had multiple visits to a Palladium resort (most resorts have set 8 or more visits as the qualifying factor). It might be eliminated eventually but we don't know. So for now just put in the info. about your multiple visits in your request. Requests are to be sent in no earlier than ONE week before your arrival. Not sure, as I mentioned, with being given different request info. by Brenda (above) exactly what to tell you. I just know what is the normal protocol request link to send in your request. Maybe email the contact the links she gave you first and ask your questions first that you have about receiving the VIP bracelet perk, and then ask them should you send in your actual request now or wait for the one week before submission date?

To receive your free medical insurance that is now being given out to guests during COVID and also the free COVID tests given by the resort that are now required by many countries for tourists to get 3 days before returning to their country after traveling, you need to register for the REWARDS program. If you aren't a member yet at check-in, the staff person will help you to fill it out . That way you will be able to make your appointment day/time to receive your COVID test (which is to be done within 3 days of your departure).

You will also as a guest of the resort be automatically covered by a free travel medical plan that kicks in as soon as you check-in.

Here is each thread info. link for the REWARDS program, the free COVID test info., and the thread about the free travel medical insurance: ... =1&t=44604 ... =1&t=44603 ... =1&t=44588

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