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Private Messages

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Private Messages

Post by cactusrose » Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:24 pm

For those members that are new (or old members that forget to look!) when you come here to the Forum you can check to see if someone has sent you a private message (PM). At the top of the page under the big blue banner in the LR corner you will see "Notifications" and "Private Messages". If a number appears in either of them then you have a PM! Just click on the one that has the number and the message will appear!

What prompted me to post this thread is that I have nine unanswered private messages still sitting in my "Outbox" since DECEMBER !! Once a message is read by the recipient it will appear in your "Sent" box. Unread messages that you have sent and are unread will appear in your "Outbox" (always give the recipient time to read it, though). You can kind of figure out which ones weren't read if a reasonable amount of time has passed (like my messages)!

If you forget to look to see if you have a PM, there was an opportunity when you joined to check mark off if you wanted to receive emails letting you know that you have received a PM here. I know I personally like this feature, as with a memory like mine, I know that I would always forget to look for the notice at the top of the page (as mentioned above).

If anyone wants to add the email notification for private messages (it's not too late, LOL!). Here is how you do it:

1- Click on your Forum name that appears in the LR corner under the blue banner.
2- Click on "User control panel".
3- Click on "Board preferences".
4- Click on "Edit notification options".

The last preference listed is for the Private Messages. Check off one or both of how you would like to be notified!