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Small Item - New Towel Rack at the old Royal Pool

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Small Item - New Towel Rack at the old Royal Pool

Post by stillbillmd » Fri May 25, 2018 12:30 pm

Maybe it's been there for months and I just didn't notice it but, looking at the web cam today, it jumped out at me.

This seems much more practical than the old shelves, as the towels would get drenched if a storm came through and staff couldn't fish them all out in time. When I was there in December, they had gotten rid of it and you had to ask the bartender for towels.

I can't tell if the new rack is anchored or not - I'm thinking not, which would make it easy to stow in the bar if a storm blew through. But, even if it is, it looks much easier to remove the towels to safety. And there's less of them, too. I always thought it was kind of a waste to put out as many as they did before.

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