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Heartfelt message. PLEASE READ!

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Heartfelt message. PLEASE READ!

Post by cactusrose »

This was shared on Facebook and we'd like to share it here also on the PA Forum with the permission of Brenda, our administrator and founder:

"After much deliberation and consideration behind the scenes, we've decided to share this post some of us have read, to give some perspective from the staff's side of things. We hope everyone will accept it in its intended spirit. I know we all felt it was written from a very heartfelt, genuine and caring standpoint."...….

'Dear members of the group,
Many of you know that I live among the locals in a small pueblo not far from PDC. Every day I come across some who can no longer find themselves penniless to survive. Many have lost everything to illness, and here no government help or other safety nets.
Very far from me the idea of ​​wanting to dare to lecture anyone, and I know very well that some will have a long time to respond to this message that I cordially try to convey. To these, I already answer that I know your numerous arguments, but that death or illness make them, and will continue to prevail.
I see that this fall, many Tourists are preparing to leave the cold to come and spend the winter here in the Riviera Maya. Many will do it to escape the snow while others will want to
just stepping away from the sanitary measures imposed by our good Doctor.
I have a favor to ask you on my behalf yes, but especially on behalf of your hosts, my fellow citizens of Mexico. I implore you to pay attention to them. Let me explain, our dear Mexican friends who welcome us so kindly, are not fortunate enough to have a health system like the one in our country of origin, here no good health insurance. They do not have the possibility, let alone the financial means, to afford tests to detect whether or not they have the Covid, because their priority is to feed their often very large families, and this to the detriment of their health.
When I walk on 5th avenue, I see a lot of tourists who don't wear masks when they enter a shop or a restaurant or all the other types of businesses or closed public places.
In resorts, lobbies, corridors or buffets, tourists take hygiene measures, even the so-called basic ones.
You must be aware that the reality here is not that of our country of origin. A local employee has no protection. Those who work in resorts, hotels or businesses will probably not ask you to put on your mask or to keep your distance for the very good reason that they will be afraid of losing their job, and this, like 60% of his colleagues who had less seniority than him. On the contrary, they will try to be silent and serve you with a smile at the risk of their health or the health of their loved ones.
Note that a simple Covid test can cost up to $ 300 here. There is no senior house here, the elders live with the youngest and there are many families. Grandparents, parent children and often grandchildren are in the same room. Whoever you risk infecting in businesses and hotels by not wearing masks, in turn may infect and even kill family members, many of whom are vulnerable due to malnutrition or have uncontrolled diabetes.
In Mexico people pay for care out of pocket, and when the pockets are empty, no care. I see everydays here with my neighbors and fellow citizens.In Riviera Maya there are so many
outside activities that limit the risks.
There are the beaches, the Beach clubs, Xcaret, La Jungala, no need to lock yourself inside. If you have to, please put on your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance from them, stay away from them. guide, waiter, maid without mask. A simple matter of respect.
Have fun, come to Mexico, but follow the instructions. Be vigilant, be careful, be aware that their reality is different.
Are you anti-mask? Stay home.
Do you think the Covid is just a fluke? Stay home.
Think your immune system is strong and you don't need a mask? Stay at home, the people around you may not be so. You want to come here to party in the bars, stay at home.
It is such behaviors that the beaches will close and our Mexican and Mexican friends will struggle to overcome.
Do you walk in the halls of the hotel? Protect others and wear your mask.
Are you in the hotel lobby? Protect others and wear your mask.
Are you going to the hotel restaurant? Protect others and wear your mask when
your trips. Are you going to the buffet? Please keep your mask unless you are seated at your table, but also your distances.
You will be walking on 5th Avenue, wear your mask when you enter a shop to protect workers or salespeople and their families
Do you take the taxi? Protect the driver and his large family and wear your mask.
The maid comes in to clean while you are there? Protect others, wear your mask, keep your distance.
Avoid the pool bar, you don't put on a mask in the pools and you can't keep your 2 meters.
Be courteous, intelligent and sensitive.
Come, yes, but respect the instructions and pay attention to your hosts, our dear Mexican friends.
A big thank you to François Gagnon for the precious help in writing this text.

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