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Food at TRS Turquesa

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Food at TRS Turquesa

Post by GailB »

It has been a few years since hubby and I have been to TRS Turquesa, previously it was our absolute favourite resort!!
However, last time we were there, the food quality had really gone down, I am aware that it was because Palladium was focused on Palladium Rivieria Maya, and the grand opening of Playa Mujueres.

Has the food quality gone back to top quality now that both are finished. We visited TRS Coral for the grand opening and then again last year, we found the food there EXCELLENT!! The year before that we went to TRS Yucatan and stayed in the new section, (fabulous) and the food and service there was also EXCELLENT.

Can anyone comment on the food at TRS Turquesa?

Please leave me message on here.

Thank you in advance.

Gail B

PS We love our Palladium Travel Club Membership :9:

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Re: Food at TRS Turquesa

Post by minou »

The food quality has improved, but not to the standards of 7 years ago. The Yucatan and Coral are still superior in terms of food quality and service. Helios is an improvement in terms of food quality. Please keep in mind that Covid is also a major influence, because some restaurants are shut down or on rotating schedules.
If I had to pick between Turquesa and Yucatan, I would take Yucatan because of food and service. Turquesa, because of the beach.


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Re: Food at TRS Turquesa

Post by captainjkirk »

The food quality has improved, but not to the standards of 7 years ago.
Well let us hope they work on that, still not sure our upcoming October visit will be happening, but if it does I would not want to be disappointed on the food front.

Hopefully this Covid Craziness is under control by then.

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