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Review Concerns

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Review Concerns

Post by LindseyandIan » Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:25 pm

We are booked to go to TRS In April/May 2018 for our honeymoon but are becoming increasingly concerned by the number of poor reviews written recently.
We appreciate that people have different expectations and opinions but the number of bad reviews about food quality, facilities in room not being of acceptable standard and poor service are giving us cause to reconsider our venue.
Are our concerns misinformed
We've been to TRS Yucatan numerous times without issue.
Any knowledgable and considered feedback would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks
Lindsey & Ian

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Re: Review Concerns

Post by minou » Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:34 pm

As with any resort (and you have suggested it also) different guests have different expectations. Generally, I have had good to great service and food quality. However, sometimes wait staff are not as efficient as others and on occasion food quality lacks. When this has happened (next week will be my 14th visit) I politely make my concerns known and I address the concerns with the appropriate management (restaurant, room division etc). For example, if there is a food concern (steak ordered well done and it arrives rare) then I simply ask the wait staff to get the food prepared as requested. If the AC in the room does not work, notify the front desk immediately ... of they can't fix it ask for another room of similar quality. Never had any real concerns.


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Re: Review Concerns

Post by razel1952 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:01 am

I've been traveling to the Palladium in PC for more than 17 years. I would not return if I found the resort to be as described in some of the reviews I have read. Can things go wrong at times, sure, but what I like is if you speak with management in a civil, friendly tone, they will go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable.
You must also remember, the Dominican is not Mexico. They have cultural differences and their food is prepared with a Dominican flair and taste.
The people are extremely friendly if you are pleasant and engage them in conversation.
I love Punta Cana. The resort is equivalent to a tropical paradise and the beach is far superior to any of their other locations with nothing but soft sand and turquoise waters.
Go with an open mind and enjoy your stay in lovely Punta Cana.
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Re: Review Concerns

Post by Gentille1 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:45 am

I will going once again in December for my 9th visit (11th at a Palladium), and that place feels like my second home! As at home, things can go wrong, misfortunes happen but as mentioned in Razel's response, you mention it in a cordial manner to management and it is usually fixed and if not, alternative arrangements can be made. I find that learning some basic Spanish words really helps while there!

Enjoy your vacation!

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Re: Review Concerns

Post by snl8387 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:27 pm

We're currently here for our honeymoon.

We stayed at Royal Suites Yucatan last year, and with the construction there we decided to check out punta cana.

So far (we arrived sunday afternoon) the food, we find to be more flavorful than RM.
We stayed in a mayan suite in RM. This year we ended up in a 3rd floor junior suite. (Unless you enjoy walking up stairs constantly i don"t reccomend that) I would request a first floor room. Especially if you plan in enjoying quite a few drinks.

The matress quality isn't as nice as RM. Not horrible, but could be a little softer. The upholstry in our room could use a good scrub. That so far is our only complaint.

Overall our experiance has been positive. The staff very friendly. Still trying to find a good drink here like we had in RM. Everything we're tried so far is frozen.
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