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Re: 11th trip

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:07 pm
by popcorn1
How many previous Grand Palladium resort visits do you need to get the VIP bracelet? We have been to other Grand Palladium resorts 9 times, mostly the Mayan Riviera and once to Jamaica. The last couple of times in the Mayan Riviera, we have gotten the gold VIP bracelet and enjoyed all that it offered. I know it is at their discretion, but hopefully we will get the VIP bracelet in Punta Cana when we arrive soon. Thanks.

Re: 11th trip

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:59 pm
by Brian-from-nanaimo
11 times get you the VIP braclet at Punta Cana...good luck getting it...make sure you take all email correspondence and a list of the trips you have made etc

As I said earlier...they don’t care whether you have been 1 time or 20 times...your still treated like it’s your first time if you don’t say anything

Like I said earlier...not looking to be treated like kings and queens but geez, when you spend upwards of 50 to 60K at GP resorts, you would think they would do a little something for you

It seems hit and miss...I’ve read on this site that some people get upgrades to the Royal suites, and recognized as a repeat customer.

We have never been treated like anything more than 1 timers every time we show up at check in

It’s the resort...hate how your treated...I am now switching to Catalonia Royal Bavaro adults only resort, it’s much smaller resort, the people that I have talked to that have been more than once get treat like they should...upgrades, all kinds of special stuff for you during your stay

Something that GP Punta needs to learn


Re: 11th trip

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:17 pm
by gorfio
We just booked the Catalonia Royal Bavaro, based on Brian's recommendation. We stayed in PC last May with my BIl & SIL to celebrate the BIL's victory over cancer. It was our fifth stay with GP overall, third stay at GPPC, their first. They were both desperately in need of a beak. We sang the praises of the resort and assured them they would have a great time.
What we did not know beforehand was that GPPC was hosting the first ever Member's Party for Travel Club patrons. At different points throughout our one week stay, the resort closed the Arrecife buffet all day for a party, closed the Bohio and Palace pool all day, closed the Bavaro buffet all day, and closed the sports center for three days. There was no advance notice of any of the closings.
In addition, our spa day was ruined by a foam party at the secret pool, which has signage at all entrances stating that it is a quiet area, and for guests to please be respectful of that. Foam clouds were blowing into the spa's wet area, and the thudding of the bass from the speakers almost drove us back to our rooms. All this while we were relaxing after massages!
Customer service at the resort was useless, and responses to emails I sent after returning home were nothing but denial and deflection.
We were treated as second class the length of our stay, and management refused to even consider that it might have happened. We were embarrassed in front of our family, and I will never forgive GPPC for that.
We may return to the GP in MR, but we are done with PC. Customer loyalty means nothing to them.

Re: 11th trip

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:43 pm
by Brian-from-nanaimo
How did you like Catalonia Royal Bavaro?

We love it there, it’s our new favourite resort. Personalized service, they treat you way better, food is better. If I could change anything, it would be the ocean has more seaweed beds to navigate through to swim. But it’s still nice 👍🏻

Now that all of these mysterious deaths are going on, we are a little Leary on going back until they figure out what the cause of the deaths are. Pretty freaky


Re: 11th trip

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:26 pm
by gorfio
Brian, we loved it! It's our new favorite as well. They have the second best food we've experienced at an AI (the Aventura Spa Palace in MR was the best, but alas it is now a Hard Rock and thus off of our list.) The service was top notch and we really enjoyed having waiters at every meal except breakfast, which suited us well as we prefer to graze in the mornings anyway.

We really loved the sandbar and being able to stand in waist deep water nearly a third of a mile from the shore. We've never stayed anywhere that this was possible. It's a very cool natural feature.

We're not too troubled by the recent bad press, figure it's the normal media BS. We're looking at returning around Labor Day.

We're still kind of amazed that got such a great adults-only experience for less than we would have spent to stay in the family areas of GPPC.

Thanks again for the suggestion! The Cat Royal is a hidden gem.

Re: 11th trip

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 6:35 pm
by macdougallme
I have visited Grand Paladium Punta Cana 23 times. And you are right,I seen guest with 1 visit get better treatment. The resort is beautiful, the food is great, and the staff are fantastic but no special treatment fro repeat guests. I got married in October 2018 at the resort which was my 22nd visit. I never even got a room upgrade. I was very dissapointed and when i returned for my 23rd visit which was my 1 st year Honeymoon still not even an upgrade. The resort has got worst over the years and the New management have the attitude that we are full with or without you. Its unfortunate that I have to walk away from this resort but enough is enough. I sure wish Octavio, Fernellis, Mirpil, and Franklin still worked here. Its like walking away from my family and 15 years of commitment down the drain......

Re: 11th trip

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:27 pm
by Jackie121
I don't know about PC as I've never had a desire to go there, but I have gone to RM since 2008. I got my VIP bracelet which allowed access to The Royal, then to TRS. Honestly, that was good enough for me. I always advise everyone to keep track of their booking numbers as their system doesn't always show it properly. I don't feel the resort "owes" me anything, other than what I paid for, so the fact that they have that VIP bracelet at all, is a bonus to me. I pay my money and I get my room, my food, my beverages, the beach, the pools, the entertainment, the service and the weather. If I get something extra it's a nice surprise, but not something I feel entitled to. Getting that VIP bracelet is recognition of the fact I'm a repeat guest. That in itself does get me perks that I haven't paid for.

Almost every single person going there says they are celebrating something special to them. It's just not feasible they can take the time to decorate and do something "special" for each and every one of those occasions to the satisfaction of every single guest. I read where one guest said "they only decorated their room with some balloons and a banner" so sometimes there's no winning.

Now, if someone goes and they don't get what they paid for, and staff are rude to them, then that's not acceptable.

Re: 11th trip

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:45 pm
by cactusrose
:2: Jackie! Well stated post! :46:

Re: 11th trip

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:23 am
by McMcMontreal
The problem to be repat guests is coming from Grand Palladium .

They keep our personnal informations for 7 years only in their stocking data .

The personal informations from Dominican Republic from past years are stocked in..... Spain .

So when we came in DR , they have in their computers only last visit ( one year before only ) so they can't confirm that we're repeating guests . They have to verify with Spain if we tell the truth . For them they don't have time to verify when we arrive at counter for registration, they're too busy ....

Also maybe Palladium Addict administrators (email ) or by another communication to ask Palladium Group about repeat guests and VIP to be reconize in Punta Cana .

Re: 11th trip

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 11:40 am
by Jackie121
I think it would just be easier if everyone kept track of their previous booking numbers. Computer systems can be unreliable. Mention it in your room request that you've been there previously and how many times, and take your booking numbers with you when you go to prove it. Also, sometimes people book under different names, and don't realize it. It might go under the wife's name one time and the husband's name another time for instance. If we keep track of them ourselves, we don't have to rely on anyone else's system, no matter where it originates from.

Re: 11th trip

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 2:42 pm
by minou
Myself, I have a word program where I have listed all of the information pertaining to stays at all Palladiums. I have dates, booking information (reference numbers), locations (section and room number ex TRS Turquesa, room 5507) etc. I take the up-dated list with me (paper hard copy).

Never had any difficulties. I do not rely on their computer system to locate the information.


Re: 11th trip

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:44 am
by captainjkirk
Past visits, across all Palladium properties over the course of years, perhaps over a decade, with tens of thousands of customers over those years it is hardly surprising that when you check in for your 11th visit, which you have looked forward to all year with anticipation, that the gent at the checkout desk doesn't know you from Adam and believes that this is your first visit, you have been waiting all year for this moment, but you are one of perhaps over a 100 guests that have checked in at his desk so far today.

Keeping a running tally of your past visits with booking numbers, dates, location, duration and such is quite easy, if perhaps you have not tracked this info in the past whipping a list together is fairly straight forward with a little help from your travel agent you should be able to track down and collect everything needed. Seems like a little work but you are the one that wants the VIP perk for past visits, seems like it is only fair that your prove you are eligible.
Include your list with your request email that you send to the resort 7 days before arrival, usually someone will look over your list, confirm your entries and on check in day everything will be easy breezy, however if you do have an issue during check in pull out the paper copy you have of your request email including your list and all should be well. I have only had to pull my paper copy out once.

Some think of the VIP band as a free upgrade, I disagree, it a well documented perk and I believe one that you have paid for over the course of many visits, in most cases over the course of a decade, that is brand loyalty and Palladium for the most part rewards that loyalty, one of the reasons we keep returning.
That was a little more long winded then I intended, sorry about that lol
The Captain
(Gringo Dave)