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1203 Sukies Birthday trip

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1203 Sukies Birthday trip

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RST Dec 28 2013

Extra special surprise trip my 50th birthday

We were already booked for our usual Feb trip when Glenn suggested that we go for my 50th birthday! A really decadent surprise! ( well almost a surprise, as a nurse its hard for me to get time off over the holidays, thankfully with how I was scheduled it only took me a couple of trades to get the time off)

We booked with air transat , sadly it was a canjet flight ( we prefer to fly air transat planes) now I know this has little to do with our trip but I just wanted to add it for general info. We have never flew canjet before, and if I have a choice will not again, it really seemed to be the most crowed seating we have ever flown, now this could be because I usually book a window seat and give my DH the middle seat ( I love the window seat and he does not care for it) but we both really felt like there was no room! So hard to even eat as we were constantly bumping into each other’s elbows! Now that said the food would easily be the best I have had in economy on any airline, but personally I would prefer more space and no food.

Arrival in PC

Even though we were just there in Oct there have been changes at the airport! There is an additional arrival hall ( I guess to deal with the increased volumes) anyway it was empty due to our late arrival and we moved on to the arrival hall we were used to, and then past immigration and into the area for baggage claims. We got a porter as we always do as, hey we are on vacation and for a few bucks they carry your bags! I went out for a smoke telling Glenn that I would meet him outside, ………… I found our private transfer ( Hola Bronley!) finished my smoke and no Glenn? So I went back in and ?? Glenn was not where I Left him?? Asked the Gard sitting there and he directed me in a different direction then I had exited the building ( apparently I had exited via the vip exit, it was the exit I had used on our Oct trip and the one where our transfer was waiting) anyway I went the way the Gard indicated and found Glenn at the Air transat booth in discussion with the rep, Glenn kept telling the guy we had a private transfer and the guy kept telling him we did not! When I got there I explained that we had booked a private transfer on our own ( one down for the cigarette addition )
Bronley was our driver and he had two very cold pressies for us that were most welcome! The trip to the resort was short and the new highway great!

We checked in and went to our room, 5901, I have the best husband! Flowers, champagne and a cake! We settled in and then went off to the main pool bar and really surprised everyone as we usually travel in Feb and they were really surprised to see us :0) We were joined the first night by Susan and Salif ( gonesalsa on the PA site) they came to wish me happy birthday! ( we did spend most of our time with them this trip and had a blast! ( we never planned to hang out but did often which is the way we love it)
Next morning we had a visit from another PA couple Andrew and Tracy AndT I believe there screen name is, AndT they came by to wish me happy birthday which was so nice! Sadly we did not run into them again.

Now we love the RST and the GP in general so some could call us biased but while I am a GP fan I also am aware of what good service is, and I must say that the service in the royal 2 restaurants has picked up since Oct ( in Oct we were dismayed at the loss of 2 great Jeffes Juan and Francisco who really kept a tight reign on the service, its better now, especially with long time servers like Juan Euardo and Juan Carlos, and Ramonita and others ( I refuse to name people that ask me to name them unless they have been my main server, or have gone above and beyond as I expect all servers to give great service and I understand the resort like many have instituted a reward program for staff if they get their name
Mentioned, but while I think all staff ( at least mostly) are great if I mention everyone it kind of defeats the purpose ( and a side note to staff, ask me to mention your name in TA, I only will if there is something that stands out about you ie just for doing your job no. Juan Eduardo and Juan Carlos had Mimosa to our table without asking! Also loved that the night we had bad service Juan Eduardo was so apologetic as if it was he was his fault ( like if he was in charge, he was not in charge but we feel he has the qualities to do the Jeffe job as he certainly checked on us more then any of the jeffes over our trip) ( neither Juan Eduardo or Juan carlos or Ramonita asked us to mention them so we do mention them)

New years

We don’t usually go out for new yeas as I work one or the other ( Christmas or new years) and between kids and being tired its usually an at home night… that said we had a great time! We had the first seating at the RG and had our fave wait staff Juan Eduardo and Juan Carlos they made it really great for us! ( both great guys how should go far)

After dinner we looked for our friends ( gonesalsa ) Susan and Salif ( LOL Susan It took me this long to get his name right) and after a drink here and there we joined up and headed to the dance show at the Bavao theater ( first show for us in PC) great show, but shows are not are thing so probably our last lol Fireworks were great! Awesome really! Next on to the Disco ( again not our thing) but a great but short time watching Salif and Susan Dance and the running into Daphne outside ( she was dressed to the nines and looked great!)

Rest of our trip

Met another lovely couple Heather and Ryan (honeymooners) and had a great time with them! Toured the new areas and all I can say is wow and 1 week is not long enough to see it all! One would have to eat 24/7 to get all the dining options in ( tip the chicken at the snack bar in the PC section is really great DH Glenn would go and get it for us)

Had a fab trip, was really lazy as I would be on my 50th birthday trip

We did tour a luxury master suite, gorgeous! But no hand rails to the upper level ( a perforce at my age)

A wonderful trip! I have such a great husband! Treats me like a Queen! ( but then I pay the bills LOL) that said I would not change a thing

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