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A little bit disappointing this time

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A little bit disappointing this time

Post by Abbeythelab »

My wife and I stayed at the royal suites from dec 12-19 2013. It was our second trip there and we chose GP because it was our honeymoon and we wanted a guaranteed good time.

When checking in, the staff did not honour our honeymoon upgrade. We were told beforehand that it would be subject to availability, and we were fine with that. However, they DID have availability....just not for free. They charged us an extra $70US for the upgrade. Nowhere did I EVER read that honeymoon upgrades were subject to charge.

The first time we stayed at RST, the couple next to our room had a banner on their door "just married" hung up all week. They mentioned to us that they had a special dinner as well. RST must not be doing that anymore because they had no clue what we were speaking about. There was no language barrier as the staff member we were speaking with spoke English just fine. In a nutshell, RST did not acknowledge our honeymoon whatsoever. They did apologize to us at checkout and found a 350ml bottle of rum in the back office. I don't know what we were expecting?? Not the world, but a flower arrangement or ANYTHING other than what we received, which was basically nothing.

That said, the trip was better and slightly worse than our previous visit.

The last time we visited, was the same week that Haiti had their big quake in 2010. It was the coldest weather to hit the island in years. This time the weather was amazing!! The food has gone downhill in our opinion. Everybody has different tastes and different ideas on how their food should be prepared. There was always something to eat at every meal.

The towel game was just downright ridiculous. My wife would go down to the pool at 6am and all of the chairs by the pool were taken. By the third day, I had a funny idea. My plan was to stay up real late and put towels on all of the chairs at about 3am. The next morning we would sit and watch how many people would take over a chair that had been "reserved". The resort beat us to it though and posted signs stating that any towels/belongings left out before 6am would be removed. This made it actually possible to get a chair by the pool. They need to leave these signs up all year and not just at Christmas time. We watched how many people were reserving a poolside chair and a beach chair as well.

Overall we would score our stay a 6/10...our first time there was a 9/10...and that was with a room way in the back section on second floor with temps in the low 20s ALL WEEK.

Also when checking out, the staff member said to send an email to the resort and Octavio would read it. We haven't received so much as a reply.

We thought we were playing a "safe bet" by staying at RST during such an important trip that we didn't want to gamble on. We feel like we lost on that one. Time to give another resort a try for our trip next month.

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