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RST Trip

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RST Trip

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We boarded plane Feb. 13th at Saskatoon arrived at airport in Punta Cana no problems got our private transfer (HotelBeds) to resort in great fashion. It was about 7:00 pm when we arrived at RST lobby. Maximo did a great job of checking us in. Liz came from the TC and gave us our bracelets and package. Got to our room Royal Honey Moon Suite # 5038 great view of ocean and pool, room needs a bit of an upgrade still a fantastic room, ordered room service had a couple of beverages, finished unpacking and crashed. During the next 2 weeks we tried a few alacartes but found La Chanterelle had the best meals. The cheese fondue and Chateau Briand where excellent. Here is the order we would rate the alacartes we tried 1st was of course Le Chantrelle (RST only), 2nd Sumptuori (show),3rd Bambo, 4th Rodizio, 5th was the Steakhouse and 6th the Royal Gourmet (RST only) was iffy most days for breakfast bacon was never cooked took a long time to get food ordered off the menu and was usually cold, ate lunch there a few days just usually something light. We did BBQ on the beach one nite was a nice atmosphere at night food was OK. We ate some lunches on the beach was BBQ style food was good. These are our choices but other people may have different tastes and opinions. Unfortunately we ran into the dreaded food wall after day 8 or 9 and appetites dropped off. We both had a bout of stomach problems combination, food, beverages and to much sun I’m thinking. It came and went a couple of times we where lucky did not ruin our holiday (thanks to oregano oil and silver sol). We don’t eat or consume beverages like that at home. Royal Pool was fairly warm not to hard to get into, ocean was reasonably warm and easy to get into also. We would really like to see some improvement at the Logo shops we have found both Jamaica and Punta Cana stores under stocked and no one willing to help. Over all a great resort well maintained, beautiful and probably the best beach we have been at. Took about 20 hats to give the grounds keepers went over well, really appreciative workers. The staff is friendly and really willing to help. We did find that the language barrier was a bit frustrating but we persevered, Rosetta Stone here we come. This vacation was relaxing seemed like we where there for a month not 15 days and this trip we met more couples (6) plus one couple we had met in Jamaica last year. We will defiantly go back.
Kudos to following :2:
Travel Club – Denis for keeping things in order at the Travel Club beach and keeping the refreshments rolling, Ria for making our TC meeting pleasant. Manager Alex for responding promptly to my questions.
Royal Pool Bar – Jesus and Christian
Maid service – Teresa great job on keeping our room cleaned every day
Le Chantrelle and Royal Gourmet – Alexander, Juan, Ramonita, Juan Edwardo
Spa – Yavony and Cristina S
RST Lobby – Maximo, Michelina, Elva

Here is the order we rated the 4 Grand Palladiums we have visited.
#1 – Punta de Mita Royal Suites
- service was great
- best room and view #5116 Master Suites
- heated pool
- smaller resort quiet
- food was good
# 2 - Lady Hamilton Jamaica
- service was great
- another great room and view #3014 Honeymoon Suite
- food was the best of all resorts jerked chicken mmmm
- not to big of a resort
- No royal section yet
# 3 - RST Punta Cana
- service was great
- large resort
- language barrier a bit of a problem
- food we OK
- another great room #5038 Royal Honeymoon Suite
- best beach by far
# 4 - Royal Suites Yucatan
- Service was great
- Large resort to busy
- Loved the Cabana suite #7208 no ocean view
- Food was OK
Of course this is our opinion and as we visit these resorts again our views may change. We are Palladium Addicts and we looking forward to next year the search begins :63:
2006 Royal Caribbean - Mexican Riviera
2007 Princess - Eastern Caribbean
2008 Holland America - Hawaii
2009 Akumal - Grand Bahia Principe
2010 Mayan - Ocean Turquesa
2011 GP - Royal Suites Yucatan
2011 Holland America - Alaska
2012 GP - Royal Suites Punta de Mita
2013 GP - Lady Hamilton
2014 GP - Royal Suites Turquesa
2015 GP - Bavaro
2016 - :38:
2017 - :38:
2018 - :38:
2019 - :38:
2020 - :7:

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