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Trip Report 11/12-11/21

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Trip Report 11/12-11/21

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Hi All,
We were in Punta Cana for our Honeymoon last week, just wanted to give a trip report.

We stayed in The Royals in RM last year, and absolutely loved our time there. Since RM Royals was under construction during our Honeymoon time, we decided to check out PC.

While we did enjoy our time in PC, I don't see us returning. We were disappointed in the over all experience we received there. However, we are still Palladium Addicts and are already planning our return trip to RM next year.

PC does have nice beaches, there was little to no coral to step on so water shoes were not needed. However, when not in the water, there are tons of people trying to sell you excursions, and wanting you to braid you hair. They constantly come up to you. CONSTANTLY.

We stayed in a Deluxe Junior Suite in Building 55, on the 3rd floor. Specifically room 5535. Our sheets were clean and smelled fresh. Overall the room is a bit dated. Having the Jacuzzi tub 2 feet from the bed is something I will never understand. We had some maintenance issues in our room, specifically our toilet stopped flushing, our phone stopped working, our shower head wouldn't stay up on the pole it was attached to the shower head was also cracked. We put in a maintenance request. Our toilet was fixed within the day ( thank god), our phone was fixed after asking repeatedly for 2 days(over all the phone wasn't that big of an issue, we just had to walk down 2 flights of steps one day to order room service. More just an annoyance)
Our shower was never fixed, but we made due with it.
The mattress was very firm, but we requested different pillows than the down ones that were there initially which helped make the bed more bearable. I understand it's a large resort, and having really nice fluffy soft beds isn't for everyone's back, however the mattress quality was pretty poor.

Charlie was our Butler, he greeted us upon arrival, and was pleasant every time we spoke with him. He personally came up to our room and fixed the phone, since the concierge in our building didn't get it done. Since it was our honeymoon, he brought us T-shirts that said together since 2017. It was cute.
Junior was also a guy who greeted us in the Royals lobby upon arrival. While he was nice, he literally came to our door at 9 a.m our second day there to show us a "gift" which was a bait and switch on getting us to sit through the travel club pitch. 2 hours of our time wasted later, at least we got free massages from it.

Our Food experience was great, Brazilian was closed for reno's which we were very sad about. Our Favorite was the Italian restaurant. We made it to all the buffets except one. Torres was our favorite, but it was also closest to our room. Le Chanterelle's cheese fondue is awesome!

Drinks were an issue for us, we enjoyed the coco loco's however the trick was finding a bartender who actually mixed the drink. Since all their drinks are frozen, most all the bars have the slushie machines with the frozen mix, most bartenders would either pour a shot of rum in the bottom and fill the top with slushie and hand it to you, or pour the slushie and dump the rum on top. If you were lucky they used the blender and made a fresh drink for you it was mixed well and taste good. Outside of ordering something simple, ( orange juice and vodka) we never found an on the rocks drink.

Getting a cart to take you anywhere is damn near impossible in PC. Since we were in the Royals section we were supposed to be able to get a cart, no problem anywhere on the resort. This was far from true. While the resort isn't huge, and nothing was terribly a far walk. Several nights there was an evening rain and we found ourselves walking back from dinner in the rain because we were blatantly told "No" by several carts going by with either few or no passengers.

Overall our experience was good, we didn't let these few things bring down our honeymoon, we spent everyday swimming in the ocean and the pools, we ate a lot, drank a a lot, took some naps and enjoyed our time away from the kids.

If we hadn't had such an awesome time with the Palladium Group in RM, after our experience in PC I don't believe we would return to their hotel chain.

We met a couple other couples from the states and canada, who also noticed the big service difference between PC and RM.

Can't wait for November of 2018 to see RM again!
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Punta Cana Royals November 2017
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