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Palace 2/8 - 2/15

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Palace 2/8 - 2/15

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Room Location: The Building location (#92) could not have been ANY better. OMG. Even though it wasn't front facing the ocean, I could see the ocean from our patio and the beach (and beach bar) were literally steps away. Because we are over 10 times returning guests we did have a VIP bracelet which gives us access to TRS facilities. Our building bordered the Royal section and again, we were mere steps away from the Royal beach, Helios restaurant, Royal pool. It was amazing. We were also very close to the adults only pool that had big comfy cushions on the lounge chairs. I loved that pool too, but hard to get a chair at that one. Towel people were out early. I only did the towel thing one morning. I had one hard night with Montezuma's revenge and I told my husband that as my tummy was still kind of ishy, that if I was just going to lay around all day, I wanted to have a lounger at that pool as it was the most comfortable, close to a bathroom and close to our room. So at 7:15 I went out to put towels down and there were literally only 4 chairs left that at that time! All good. I ended up feeling better and left at lunchtime. And YES - I took my towels so someone else could use the chairs! ! ! Also we like to work out and again, our building was just a short walk to the spa (more on that later), also the Royal Gourmet Restaurant and the buffet - I forget the name. So even though we had the ability to get cart rides when we wanted them, we only took a ride two times the entire week, when we were dressed for dinner at an Ala Carte.

The Room: For a junior suite, it had 2 queen beds. . we really wanted a king, but pushed the 2 beds together. I already knew the location was amazing and didn't want to risk a different building to ask for a room with a king bed! There were 3 large drawers for clothes and a bench for suitcases which worked ok for us as I like to 'live' out of the drawers and he is fine with digging in his suitcase. So I am trying NOT to compare this experience to our 12 visits to GPRM, I will say that RM had lots more shelves for stacking clothes and such, but again, no big deal we made it work. Beds VERY comfy, had 2 sinks which I like and the makeup mirror was nice. Only thing that was a downside, and really pretty weird was the bathtub. We are used to a walk in shower, there wasn't one, but Oh well. The large marble jacuzzi tub was in the middle of the room next to the beds with frosted glass facing the bed and clear glass, only halfway across inside the bathroom. Here's my point, finally, In order to turn on the water, there is no way to reach it without actually getting in the tub to go turn it on. It is literally 11 inches wide to step over and in the tub, then you have to stand there to wait a short while for hot water and turn on the shower. It was on a hose, so I quickly learned to take it down first so that the first blast of water out of the lines wasn't cold - Yikes haha. So after showering there is a grab bar that even though we are active people, we had to hang on to it to get out of the tub. Anyone with any mobility issues would not be able to manage that situation. Also, if you get up in the night and turn on the bathroom light, even with the frosted glass, it lit up the whole room! Two times our toilet broke, after flushing, the water kept running and wasn't able to flush again. The first time it happened was the first night and they were over and fixed it within 45 minutes. The 2nd time was in the morning and that was several hours and 2 phone calls to fix it. After that I think I got daily calls asking if "Everything is good in the room".

The beach: Well all I can say is WOW. It is deep, it is wide, it is long, and it is soft. A very long walk from one end to the to the other which we enjoy doing. Sadly, it was windy the entire time we were there and I wasn't able to enjoy the beach the way I usually do. . every day - probably why the pools filled up so fast and early every day. When I tried to sit back a ways I was literally getting sand blasted - not good, moved pretty quick. I was told by many people guests and employees that this was a very strange occurrence that it is usually calm and wonderful. I can only report on my experience however, and was pretty sad that I didn't get more awesome ocean time.

The Spa: The gym area was very nice. 2 separate rooms, one with machines to do a 'circuit', the other had a rig for heavy lifting, plenty of dumbells & kettlebells and spin bikes. That is where I worked out, very nice equipment. The 'wet' area was really nice. The chairs had thick cushions and nice tables. There were bali bed options, loved it all. There is a large hot tub that was actually like a small infinity pool - it was great. The pool had several options for aqua massages and 4 of these super cool aqua massage chairs. Seriously went there every day to use them. Like a normal lounger in the pool, but push a button and bubbles all over - from shoulders to down each leg, amazing. There is a little smoothie bar back by the pool that was really nice and had healthy snacks out too. I just don't think everyone knew it was there as it was tucked way in back. Good for me though, never a wait!

The Food: We mostly ate at the Royal Gourmet. Lots of options and all the food is good. Breakfast they do NOT have a chef making omelets or eggs so you have to order off the menu if you want that. The buffet was good too. The larger buffet was great, I had an omelet made for me there one morning and it was good - gets busy though. Lots of options, I'm kind of a basic breakfast eater though and didn't try a lot of things. Lunch was always at the beach buffet - Bahio I think. It was super, right by the main Pool by the Palace and Punta Cana Section and close to the ocean. Food was always fresh and good, desserts were hard to choose from. I ordered pizza from room service once and it came hot and delicious in 20 minutes. Very happy with that option too. The Ala Cartes, we went to was the Japanese show dinner. Very fun, they do a great job and the food tasted great. I had a fried ice cream for dessert that was delicious. We went to La Adelita and really enjoyed it. Such a pretty restaurant and location, way at the Bavaro end. We ate outside and it was nice. Food and service were great. Really very happy with the food overall.

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