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Palace - Trip Report

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Palace - Trip Report

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My wife and I just got back from spending 7 days at the Palace. It's our second time at the resort and I just wanted to provide a brief summary of our trip incase anyone else was curious about our experience.
  • We booked a shuttle through Dominican Plus, as recommended on this forum. It was exactly as advertised and would gladly refer their services to anyone else. The only negative thing I can think of is that the wifi wasn't working in the van that picked us up but that's just being picky.
  • Originally when we booked the hotel I had requested a deluxe on the 2nd floor with a king size bed. A week before our trip I also emailed the resort as per the instructions on the forum and requested the same type of room but located in buildings 91 or 92. I did not receive a confirmation email or any response from the resort. When we arrived at the resort they had placed us in room 8220 which ended up being even better than building 91 or 92. Building 82 is next to the Bohio beach buffet and close to the beach bar. I had requested an ocean view and technically we had that from our room but there are no deluxe rooms that directly face the beach.
  • When they provided us with our bracelets for the week I asked about the VIP bracelets and us being repeat visitors. Without hesitation he said that it's only for people who have been at the resort a minimum of 10 times. This was only our 6th visit to a Palladium Resort so I didn't argue with him about the VIP bracelets but I did ask him about the gold/yellow bracelets for returning guests. We were given the gold/yellow bracelets last year and assumed we would get those instead of the purple which he originally had taken out for us. After bringing it to his attention he said we could have them again but his tone made it seem like the gold/yellow bracelets didn't have much value at the resort and that he was only doing it because I asked for them. Throughout the week I looked around to see if anyone else had the same bracelets as us but I didn't see anyone with them. I don't think we got any better service because of the bracelets and none of the staff made comments about welcoming us back. A side note about the bracelets, the resort has switched from plastic to a cloth material to help reduce the impact of plastic on the environment.
  • I decided to bring Dominican Pesos with me rather than converting from Canadian to US or from Canadian to Peso at the resort. Every couple of days I would go to the main lobby to get smaller bills as my bank provided me with mostly larger bills of 500 or 1000 pesos. I asked one of the bell boys for change but he didn't have much so I ended up getting smaller bills at the lobby. The only problem is that the smallest bills they had was 100 pesos which is approximatley $2USD so the smallest I could tip was $2USD instead of the normal $1USD that I would have tipped at the pool and beach bars.
  • The a la cartes were as expected. If you don't go early, expect to wait for at least an hour unless you enjoy Indian food. We really liked the Indian restaurant on our last visit and loved the fact that we could go there when we wanted to have dinner, without having to wait to get in. We ended up going their twice on our trip.
  • I was aware that the law had changed and it was no longer acceptable to smoke on the beach but I saw lots of people smoking. I don't recall seeing anyone from the resort or security enforcing this law.
  • We spent most afternoons at the secret pool as we prefer it to the Palace pool. It's just quieter with no kids and we enjoy the deeper water. Twice during our trip they had foam parties at the secret pool which were a lot of fun and brought a lot of extra people that don't usually hang out at the secret pool. I will agree with other forum members that the secret pool can be noisy in the evenings. We would usually leave the pool before it got dark and during our last night at the resort we decided to go for a walk by the secret pool and it was more energetic than during the day time. During the day, most people are laid back next to the pool or casually swimming around. In the night time people would be in the water at the pool bar enjoying the alcohol and music. I'm sure that if you were staying in building 96 you would hear the noise coming from the party at the secret pool.
  • There were plenty of chairs at the beach and if you wanted a spot under a hut you would probably want to be there before 10am. We would usually get to the beach between 9 and 9:30 and I don't recall having any difficulties getting a good spot under a hut. Overall the resort seemed busy but it wasn't crowded.
  • Anyone who has been to the Dominican Republic knows that you are continuously having to say NO to the vendors on the beach and those in the resort. We weren't approached by anyone from the Travel Club, which was nice because they can be endless with their efforts to get you booked in for a breakfast. They tried to make me feel guilty when I was there last year and I really had to reinforce to the gentlemen that I had ZERO interest in partaking in their program.
  • Another thing that was new this year that I didn't notice last year was that when I checked out of the resort, they asked me if I would mind sitting down to provide my feedback on our experience. I thought I would be answering a few questions but what they do is ask you for your phone and open up Google Maps so that you can publicly give them a positive review on Google. We loved the resort and I didn't mind giving them 5 stars and a few positive words but I felt a little mislead by their approach.
I think that sums up most of the thoughts from our trip. My wife and I had a great trip with great weather and we can't wait to go back again.

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