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I returned!

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I returned!

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I traveled to RTS by palladium early Dec 2018, while I have been to this resort before ( about 20 times) I had not been in 2 years ( I had not traveled anywhere during that time) . I was so pleased that so many remembered me from previous trips, the bellman ( sorry I am bad with names) who carried my bags even knew how long it had been since I had been there! My room was not ready when I arrived so I headed to the main pool, I was greeted by Kelly the guy that sells tours ( he is a great guy who wont try and sell you something that is wrong for you, I highly recommend Kelly) Kelly and I had a nice chat and got caught up. My room was in building 51 which is my favorite building ( how do they remember things like this?) the room was perfect and I received my repeat guest bottle of rum and fruit basket. There have been some big changes at TRS it is so much better then I recall! Thy have added a new restaurant to the TRS and its right on the beach! The restaurant helios is open for all 3 meals and is a la carte dining with the option of the outdoor BBQ area ( you can take the food back to the pool area or take it into helios . , food at helios is amazing, never had anything I didn’t love, it was so good that the only time I ate anywhere else it was because I was invited by other guests to join them at the show cooking table. The food on the small buffet is totally 5 star in presentation and taste, and the deserts ( and I am not a dessert person ) are excellent...... try the chocolate lava cake. Helios has live music at all meals, sometimes it was a singer and sometimes just instrumental but I loved it! The food in the lobby around lunch time is vastly improved as well.....not that I went there much as Helios is right there, its where the bathroom and towel hut used to be. The next big change is they got rid of the slushy machines! Blender drinks with real fruit! And I thought I didn’t like Pina coladas LOL. The daytime bartender is Rafael, while he is new to the resort he is excellent, and long time bar server Deloras made sure my glass was always full. There is now animation people at the TRS pool, they give the area just the right amount of excitement. This vacation a much needed rest and recharge for me so I didn’t really venture out of RTS much, I did attend the foam party at the adult pool in the Punta Cana section, it was a lot of fun, even t! The snacks at the adult pool have also been vastly improved. Some of the other awesome changes I noticed the few times I left the TRS area the PC section now has swim up suites! I peaked into a few of the rooms and they have updated very nicely! The new PC lobby bar is amazing as is the entire lobby.


I was happy to meet with Jose Luis Mejia , who is the manager of TRS it was really nice to get reacquainted with Jose ( he was in a different position before) . It was nice to see that many of the long time staff have been promoted, Jaun who used to be the TRS lobby bartender is now a supervisor, Juan Edwardo is a supervisor in Helios as is Creaser, excellent service from these two gentlemen . Danny of course is still there as is Sandy, Manual the other manual who is also a supervisor, Dasiy, Mabel, Rosa, Ruth, I am sure I have forgotten many names but everyone was great. I am so happy I decided to go back to TRS for my first trip in 2 years, a good friend convinced me it was the place to go and he was right. I will of course be going back but plan to check out some other countries and Cuba is next as a Girlfriend has asked me to go, sadly there is no palladium in Cuba or I would go there.

I had a great time and met some very nice people :0) some things I should mention TRS now has its own beach party and its awesome! I did have a massage at the Spa and it was excellent, as the guys from the Spa that come around what the daily special is as it changes every day. Oh and one thing cant leave out, 2 different sets of friends of mine also traveled to PC in Dec, the time share people at their respective resorts drove them nuts, I was only asked once and when I said not interested the guy was fine with that.

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