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As a virgin traveler to Jamaica (yes, it was my first time!!!) I was very curious of the surroundings, the feeling of the place, the people and the service, result? a great gusto!!!

Once you arrive to the entrance of the complex, you are greatly impressed. The architecture is designed to show the beach from every angle, as you are standing on a high ground and overlooking downward to a spectacular complex with the Caribbean Sea as background.

Grand Palladium Jamaica and Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton hotels are a statement of good taste, mixing different styles in big open spaces. You will find neoclassical columns and greek statues side by side with Italian fountains. Caribbean details together with french chandeliers with a special atmosphere that feels like a British colony plantation of the times of Queen Victoria. Caribbean elements here and there; romantic spots, little pavilions, are part of the well planned surprises in the grounds of the resort, for you to discover in the last expected places. The most amazing views to the blue waters of the Caribbean, the infinity pool, the mountains and the world famous Jamaican sunsets. Grand Palladium Jamaica and Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton blend all these elements with impeccable taste and the charms of another time.

Being a big complex as it is, Grand Palladium Jamaica (1,052 rooms) was intelligently planned for you to get oriented from the first moment; with easy access to all services. Every service is located just a few steps from everything else. The main building with two Imperial staircases, leading to the reception of both hotels, are the center of both lobbies that resemble a Capitol. This main building connects all the areas and services. From the reception to the buffets, from A la Carte restaurants to the casino; a huge theater, gift shops and tour operators’ office and more. The halls are illuminated by elegant chandeliers pending from high white ceilings, everything in a straight line and set up in two levels for easier, closer access. The rooms are oriented towards the beach and the grounds are inclined facing the ocean as in a soft hill, and all buildings have great views.

There is a little corner with the most exclusive bungalows right next to the water by sunset cove. The beach has Bali-beds in a romantic spot of the beach called Sunset Cove, which reminds you that Blue Lagoon was filmed in Jamaica. Right next to it is the exclusive area for Palladium Travel Club members. VIP lounge, internet corner, beach terrace with sun deck, bar and lounge on the second level with bar and snacks and great sea view.

Rooms are spacious with elegant updated presentation, decorated in sober, warm colors. The most comfortable pillow-top-bed; you feel sleeping on a very soft cloud with the right amount of firmness. Jamaican elements are integrated in the decoration of all rooms and balcony with see thru glass, to enjoy the magnificent views of the beach and sunsets.

Jamaican is celebrating its 50th year of independence. Jamaica is a young nation with proud people who celebrate their identity. You will hear so many different local music that invites to slow dance or to frenzy shake your hips, all good, all fun. And believe me Jamaicans can dance. The service was wonderful. The complete staff was really into accommodating you to your smallest need. Communication is perfect!!! A Jamaican will look at you straight in the eye, talk to you with confidence and then give you one of the brightest smiles in the world. Thank you, you guys rock!!!

POP Excuse me Ricardo and Ovando but the entertainers team in Jamaica are the ones I like the most of all Palladiums. The comedies were hilarious. Amazing skills, impossible moves and lots of energy and passion in what they do. I saw a ball room dance song choreographed with steps of tango, rap and ballet mixed all together, I loved it. If there is any lack of technique at any given style, they fill it out with heart, passion and energy. You would think they are missing a few bones in their bodies, as many of their moves are simply impossible. Never thought a human body could do that, but we'll... they did!!!

The infinity pool in Grand Palladium is endless, the largest one in Jamaica. While you are there, to sit at the bar on second level and wait for the sunset is a must.

Food is amazing, the selection of choices are endless as you have 7 a la carte restaurants, beach buffet, main buffets, sports bar, snacks… Don’t mind the funny names as jerked chicken (yes, that’s the name), try it. It is delicious.

Magnificent facilities, imposing structure and great level of service.

Kids club for the small guests. Well I can tell they are well taken care of while they have fun.

The night started with a cocktail party and a showcase of the local handcraft. Wood-carving, backpacks with Jamaican symbols; folklore paintings, portraits and many, many more options. Bob Marley is a symbol of the country and you will find him (as we Dominicans say) even in your bowl of soup. Every single palladium addict was presented with a T-shirt of the first gathering in Jamaica and a Tam (head piece) with dreadlocks attached!!!

We saw dance moves from the dancer you cannot believe, impossible limbo, where a guy passed under fire poles some 50 cm above the floor. Brenda and Brian made music with the Steel Band There was a big mamma that got Butch in trouble in a sensuous dance (he did not know where to put his hands, till she said “grab ‘em, they are fake anyways”).

We had dinner at the Poseidon, with a local and very tasty menu. We danced, we sang, we had fun and the night ended lighting sky-lanterns that flew into the sky night with our wishes to enjoy many years of such nice activities with the Palladium Addicts.

Excursion: the whole bunch went on a full day to Negril, passing by different historical sites, shopping places, Margarita-Ville, the old lighthouse and the famous Rick’s Café where Ricardo, Brian Gibault, Terry and others made their dive from the rocks into the blue waters. A day out that is worth repeating someday.

Once again putting together Palladium Resorts with the Palladium Addicts paid off big time. Everyone had a great time and the management and the staff went out of their way to make the group feel at home. Thank you Roberto, Jose, Mariel, Sheevonne, Buttercup (good entertainer, better dancer and spectacular actress), waiter, bartenders, entertainers, maids (ssshusss girls, I promised Brenda I would not talk about the pranks but you were the perfect accomplices), thank you all for such a wonderful experience!!!


Octavio Subervi
Director Adjunto Room Division

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