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Tips for Newbies like me...

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Tips for Newbies like me...

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We had a great trip at Grand Palladium Jamaica. Here is what I learned:

Trip to Negril (Margaritaville, shopping and Rick's) was awesome! Would have spent more time at the beach and less time shopping (deals weren't all that great).

Alacarts are personal taste. But getting to one before 6:30 pm generally gets you in with no wait (otherwise expect a wait).

Submit your room request, but if you end up too far away, simply call the Bell Boy button on your phone or the operator to get a ride to dinner, the beach etc.

Dolphin cove was cool for the Dolphin experience. Camel rides are extra and there is no point in spending the $36 for anyone coming to watch/take photos. The photo ops aren't great and the other amenities just aren't worth the the spectator fee.

Don't depend on the iPod charger or alarm clock; we had three rooms in our party and only one of the three had it (note that we did not call to ask for one).

The instructions on the safe are not right, follow the ones in the envelope they give you (they do mention this when you are checking in).

Escalate major issues; they will get resolved. We had a patio door that didn't lock that was resolved once the manager was notified (within a day).

If you are walking the covered walkways, and see holes in the groundp take a peak, crabs live in those :-)

Lots of hermit crabs on the main beach in front of the pool; mainly in the piles of rocks and shells. Super fun to see!

I left $2 with a written request for towel swans and got them.

The refrigerator wasn't staying cold; similar to Mexico I learned you just need to keep the cupboard door open (just prop it open with the trash can and leave a note).

This is not a great beach resort. Even the beach areas are no comparison to what you get in Cancun/Playa/Negril. However, Sunset Cove has ample space for ocean swimming and the rocky structure elsewhere introduces it's own experience so plan/book based on what's important to you. This resort is safe, the food is good, and there is ample space to explore. But if you are looking for the perfect ocean/Caribbean sand, you may wish to look elsewhere.

As for the cats in the TA see a lot more of them after a rain. I'll take the cats over the monkeys in Playa :-)

All in all...a great trip!