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Just returned - July 11-18

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Just returned - July 11-18

Post by Nikki »

We just returned from our week in Jamaica. We reserved two rooms on the Jamaica side, but we were upgraded to the Lady Hamilton side, building 27. My guess is that since we had a kid on crutches they wanted to put us close to everything. The building location was EXCELLENT!

Room 2705, two double beds, closed bathroom.
Room 2709, one king bed, closed bathroom.

Both rooms were fine, but room 2705 had at least one enormous dead cockroach in it daily. We weren't too concerned, since they were dead it's obvious they were spraying for them. However, by the end of the week there were 2 or 3 live ones every morning. Yuck!

I'll give you the good and the bad of our experience, comparing it to the Mayan Riviera

The good -
Though they were full, there were few crowds and even our large group of 6 could find seating together at the pool/beach/restaurants/etc. It was a smaller resort than MR and seemed less spread out so we didn't have to walk forever to get dinner, go to the pool, the beach, etc. We thought the food was MUCH better at the buffets than at the MR. The drinks were definitely better/stronger. This wasn't always a good thing, lol.

The bad -
I thought the staff was FAR less friendly in general. From check in to check out, we encountered staff that seemed aloof (aloof is the best way to put it). Some staff were incredibly friendly, but they tended to be like the housekeeping staff, the pool attendants, etc. as opposed to the people who are primarly supposed to be interacting with the guests (front desk staff, bartenders, waiters/waitresses, towel attendants). Some were very good, don't misunderstand, but some were bad enough to really sour me on this resort. In particular, John in the sports bar was downright hostile. A couple times I would ask for a drink with half alcohol for my mother and he would roll his eyes and pour a drink so strong even *I* couldn't drink it (and that's saying something! :) ). Others were fantastic (Lawrence at the pool bar for example).

All in all, we had a good time and great memories, but probably won't return again. If we do, it will definitely be without the kids as there wasn't much for teens to do at this resort compared to the MR. It also seemed to be more of a party atmosphere than MR was.

Also to add... we noticed that the schedule provided was relatively inaccurate and incomplete. They listed times that events were supposed to be occurring, but not locations. Also, they changed the schedule from the printed schedule provided. I'm speaking primarily for the teens activities. They listed an entire week of teen activities and we couldn't find info about any of them. The only thing the kids got to do was the teen disco and that was on a different night than the schedule indicated. We only discovered that it was taking place because my husband happened to walk by as they were hanging a sign. We were told daily to go here, there, and everywhere to ask Happy about the activities. We never did find Happy (not even sure if this was a man or a woman) so the kids didn't get to do much of anything, which was disappointing.

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