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Just Returned from Christmas at the Lady Hamilton

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Just Returned from Christmas at the Lady Hamilton

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My wife and I just returned from the GP Lady Hamilton. We spent Christmas 2013 at the resort. My wife and I have travelled to 29 resorts over the last 18 years throughout the Caribbean staying in 5 stars down to 3 stars. Here is my honest review and my star opinion in categories of the Lady Hamilton:

Check-in: 4.5 stars
Imperial club with Air Transat separate check-in. Got there in morning and expected a long wait for our room. No rookies here we had our bathing suits and bubba kegs in the carry-on. We took Clive's taxi private transfer from Mo Bay. Transfer is provided by bus but we prefer the personal touch. Make sure you tell the REP from your tour company you have your own taxi...I know the veterans on the forum know this but that's advice for the newer travellers. They may hold up the bus looking for you...not fair to other travellers. Got our room earlier than expected....I emailed the hotel before leaving with a room request as per the template Brenda provides here on the site. I wasn't disappointed!! Only one issue with check-in is they don't give you your proposed room number before they know its ready and without it you cant book any a la carte for your first night. No biggie here just thought I would mention it. The bellman seem a little confused and the shuttle is slow to take your stuff to the room even though we got there before the masses of people from the bus....again no biggie just could be better communication there.

Room: 5 stars
3219 one bedroom suite...two separate rooms and large bathroom...brilliant ocean views from both balconies...the room is steps from the sea. Everything you want...fridge is in there and water,pop..the whole shabang including a bottle of champagne and a pint of rum!!
Loved our room...enough said.

Restaurants: 4.9 stars***
Went to Asian, Bubbas steakhouse, Indian and Italian...great food, great service even though the hotel was busy.
***Took off 0.1 of a star...not being picky here but I am a steak guy and the steak was not up to my standard...good though...again no biggie.***
Buffets for breakfast and lunch delicious...really cannot see how anyone can complain...smoked Marlin and smoked Salmon for breakfast....cmon complainers if you can do better than that for breakfast you should not be at the Lady Hamilton you should own it!!

Pools: 5 stars
Main pool - clean, view spectacular and great swim-up bar. Again not much waiting for drinks even though hotel was full.
Adult pool - clean, private bar and quiet...brilliant.
All chairs and palapas in great condition.
Get one person to go save some chairs in the morning at about 0730 hrs and you will be happy. Enough said everybody knows the chair game. Its kinda fun!!!

Went to two, Adults cove and Sunset Cove. Nice and warm, sand okay and snorkelling in adult cove was great. Clear water lots of fish and coral. Fun.
Cant give em a five star because we have been to some of the best beaches in the world (St. Lucia, Grenada, Aruba etc.)...not trying to sound all la tee da here but bottom line beaches were fine.

Staff: 5 stars
Worked hard through Christmas, helpful, thoughtful just a great crew....they seem to enjoy their work and although its never all roses for any resort staff anywhere in the world they were full of smiles.

All in all great trip and will return and recommend this resort.

I will attempt to post some pictures when I figure out how!!

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