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LH Oct 8 thru Oct 13, 2014

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LH Oct 8 thru Oct 13, 2014

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This was our first time to Jamaica. What a beautiful island! Ben (hubby) and I wanted to see if we liked Jamaica as much as we love Punta Cana so we booked a trip for October. Lucky for us we found out after the fact that our trip was during the Jamon Party. Woohooo BONUS!

First of all, if Brenda says use Club MoBay then you better well listen to her!! We did not. What a nightmare! It took us almost 4 hours to get through immigration and customs once we arrived at MBJ. UGH! Lesson learned! (the hard way) Flying into Montego Bay was very coo thouhl! I wish I had at least kept my phone out to take some pictures of that! But like my husband would tell you, I'm a rule follower and I put my phone up like a good girl when we were landing.

The ride to the resort was nice. Even though it was 40 minutes long it went by fast. Our driver pointed out lots of interesting things along the way so it didn't feel like 40 minutes.

Once we got to the resort our check in was fast and the ladies the counter were very friendly unlike most of the reviews I've read. I had told them we were there for the get together and asked which side most of the addicts were located. We were told the Lady Hamilton side and that if we wanted to be moved they would move us. We had booked the Jamaica side and I had requested an ocean view in Bldg. 12 (I knew there was construction next to 11). They honored my request and took us straight to our room. (1235) We asked them if it was okay to look at the room requested first. No problem. Ben and I felt it was a little out of the way of things and didn't think the third floor would be best (he's had 2 partial knee replacements) PLUS with drinking and climbing stairs that can be a bad combo! :9:

We decided to move over to LH side which we did the next day. They moved us to Bldg 27 (2711) first floor, awesome view of ocean and partial pool. We also noticed there seemed to be more security around the buildings on the LH side which we didn't see on the Jamaica side so that was comforting. Both rooms were identical in décor and the AC worked great in both. Maybe too well actually because I came down with a sore throat the following day followed by a severe dry cough. Needless to say I am still suffering from a touch of some type of respiratory infection but getting better! It did put a bit of a hamper on our party though. We normally bring all types of medicines with us on our trips but never thought about cold or flu meds. Thank you Liz (Lizandken) for the Dayquil! You were a life saver!! (personal note - you guys were so much fun to hang out with! so glad to have met you!!)

Also a thank you to Brenda for making us feel welcome into the group! You made us feel like we've known everyone for years! thank you! :2:

Once the staff learned that I was under the weather they went out of their way to accommodate our every need. The last few days I pretty much slept the afternoon away in our room and Ben sat bedside. I would wake up and he would be there with soup! I asked him where he got it from and he said one of the managers at the ala cartes prepared it for him to bring back to the room for me. I thought that was so nice of them to do that!! They even called our room to see how I was feeling and if I needed a nurse!
I would say that was going above and beyond, everyone was awesome!

Ben and I were late to the 6pm get together at the infinity bar for the Jamon Party. We had to have the circuit board replaced in our safe. When we called the front desk and told them we couldn't get the safe closed they sent someone right over. We did arrive in time to see the dancers at the end and listen to the music which was great!
Then we moved down to pool side for our bbq. There was so much too choose from it was very impressive. They really went all out!! After dinner we made our way down to the beach for our 'private' concert with Chokey Taylor and open bar that was set up! Everyone was so consumed with the fantastic music that I don't even think anyone noticed them working on our BonFire until we smelled it.. WOW.. that was a sight!!
It was a very fun night and I met a lot of great people! (we had so much fun we are booking the May Mexico get together! - will be another first for us)

I think for myself I enjoyed the snorkeling the most! We went to Sunset Cove and tried it there but it seemed a little crowded and the water was churned at this point. The next day we found Coral Beach (adult beach) and the snorkeling there was just fantastic! One morning we got there so early I was the ONLY one in the water! It was kind of scary but fascinating all the same. I even saw an octopus!!!!!! that was the COOLEST!!!!

Overall I think this resort is great! We still love our Punta Cana, but will go back to Jamaica in the future. The snorkeling alone is worth it to me! The staff, grounds, food, location, POP group, you name it, is top notch in my book!
We ARE Palladium Addicts!!

Oh and PS (I somehow obtained some pictures on my camera -hubby took) of two certain male figures 'mooning' each other from across the buildings on their balconies??? I thought I had taken too much Dayquil when I saw these pictures but Ben assured me it really happened.. what a crazy bunch!! LOL

here is a link to my pictures on photobucket. (no mooning I promise) ... Oct%202014
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Re: LH Oct 8 thru Oct 13, 2014

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What is Club MoBay? We are heading to Lady H. tomorrow and want to get through customs quickly. Thanks.

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