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Lady Hamilton April 23 - 30, 2016

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Lady Hamilton April 23 - 30, 2016

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Just posted this on TripAdvisor and sharing here. There was so much more I could have added, but it was getting quite long. :55: Marilyn & Peter

This was our 2nd visit to Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton in Lucea Jamaica. Last trip was 4 years ago and there have been many great changes.
One of the 1st changes is the rooms on the Lady Hamilton side. They have been all renovated over the last year and they are gorgeous. We stayed in a Junior Suite and it certainly was plenty big enough for the 2 of us. Bed and pillows were very comfortable and room was always cared for well by the maid service. The washroom is quite large with a separate shower stall and large jetted tub. We were in building 28, room 2822 and the room was always quiet. Nice partial view of the beach from the balcony. We were lucky enough to have a maid they presented us with interesting towel art every day. Thank you Sharon!!!
All of the A La Carte restaurants have been renovated or changed. The decor in each is well suited to the restaurant style of food. We were only there for a week so was unable to try them all. Our favorite is still Bubba's Steak House. Steaks were done perfectly and the service was the best. The only restaurant that we were not too thrilled with was the Mexican El Agave. 1st off I found the metal chairs very uncomfortable to sit in especially when you have sunburned legs. The food was OK but then I've been to the Palladium in the Mayan Riviera and found I was comparing the food with the Mexican restaurant there which I guess is not fair. We were also pleasantly surprised with the Jamaican Restaurant, Xaymaica. Although my husband doesn't like hot spicy food he did try the Jerk pork chop, he enjoyed it even if he had to keep putting the fire out in his mouth with my rice. I had the Curry Goat and it was delicious. I also think of all the restaurants we loved the appetizers in the Jamaican restaurant the most. My husband had the BBQ Ribs and I had the Coconut Shrimp. We both agreed that we could have just eaten that as our meals. So Good!!!. We also went to the Poseidon restaurant one day for lunch. We loved the deep fried whole snapper which was just as good as we had remembers from 4 years ago.
Palladium has relaxed the rules on the dress code for the men at the A La Carte restaurants. They are now allowed to wear nice shorts, shirts with sleeves which also include t-shirts. Not a fan of some of the attire I saw from some of the men. We personally enjoy being a little dressier for the A La Carte's and we don't mind the nice shorts (please don't try to pass off bathing trunks as shorts) but I wish they would stop the t-shirts. T-shirts with graphic pictures, writing all ever them or rips in them we think is not suitable for these restaurants. Just our opinion and makes it seem as if the A La Carte's are just not as special anymore.
At the Buffets you can always find plenty to eat. We always had breakfast at the buffets and many of our lunches. Omelets at the breakfast were very good and love the triangle shaped hash brown potatoes. Only comment I have here is I wish they would put labels on the desserts for lunch and dinner. You have no idea what you are taking and there were a few times that I would have something that I didn't particularly like, therefore didn't eat it and it's wasted. Saw that quite a bit. It also came to our attention after talking to Management that the Buffets were changing the week after we left. They are going to be like the other buffets that you get at the Palladium in the Mayan Riviera. If it is the same each Buffet will have different specialty stations so that you may choose which buffet to go to depending on what your preference is. Example: one buffet might offer Italian, Mexican & steaks but the other buffet might offer Oriental, Spanish & Jamaican. This has become very popular in the Mayan and we will have to come back soon to see what they have done.
Palladium has introduced some new day time eating choices by the large Infinity Pool. There is a BBQ Hamburg tent close to the POP teams' building. BBQ burgers with all the condiments plus a couple of salads were offered here. We did this for lunch one day and it was pretty very good. They also have a hot dog cart that rolls around the pool most of the day and the very popular Ice Cream cart. This is hard ice cream served in either a cone or a cup. This was so popular that they ran out of ice cream every day we were there.
Bars and bartenders all great as always. I did have a hard time getting a Mojitos the 1st couple of days because they had no mint. They also use lime juice out of a bottle and would prefer real limes but I think that might be an item hard for them to get in on the island. Probably not getting stuck in a rut with my Mojitos is probably a good thing as I was able to try many of the delicious drinks the bartenders whip up for you. We did eat a quick snack at the Sports Bar one day for lunch before we headed out on an excursion. We love the new look of the Sports Bar. Plenty of seating and TV's for everyone to sit and enjoy whatever sport you’re interested in. They have a self-serve food area with fries, onion rings, salads, hot dogs, nachos with cheese, popcorn etc. You can also order items off a menu. Ms. Lou's bar was always our evening stop after dinner. Just as good as we remembered. There are some awesome coffee’s to enjoy and the Rum Cream is a must.
The beaches have been improved a great deal, especially the Las Brisas beach. Nobody was even swimming in that beach last time we were there but now it's a very nice beach to be at. We still prefer the Coral beach (Adults) for us but that is because we love to Snorkel and it's the best beach to do that from. I must say the snorkeling was amazing. We missed out on this last time as there was a hurricane. This year we went out 3 mornings before the water was churned up and it was fantastic. We got some amazing pictures of sea-life including a couple of octopus. Anyone wanting to try this, when you enter the water from the beach go to the left side and towards the point of land between Coral Beach & Sunset Cove. You can get snorkel equipment from the sports center at Sunset Cove if you don’t have your own.
We also tried the spa “water section” one day. We are Travel Club members so it's free for us to get in but if you’re not a Travel club member the price is $10.00 entrance. We were quite surprised how lovely it was. There was a main warm pool with a couple of massage fountains, a hot tub & cold tub (burrrrr), lazy river out to the main spa pool and shower stalls that had different types of water features. Plus a sauna and a vapor room. It's also a nice quiet atmosphere if you need to get some quiet time. We agreed it would be worth the $10.00 to visit.
POP team and entertainment was good. We particularly enjoyed the different themes of music every night above the infinity pool. This usually got started after 10 pm but it was always like one big crazy party. We loved the steel drum band that came in our last evening on the Friday night. Wished we could have stayed up later to enjoy it but had an early flight the next morning. The pop team all seem to really enjoy their work. They love to get the guests involved but will not pressure you if you’re not interested. It's hard not to go along with them though as that Jamaican love of having fun is contagious. We have traveled to many Caribbean locations and we think the Jamaican's are the mostly friendly and polite people there is. They are all brought up to be very respectful of all people.
The resort is about 40 -60 min. ride from Montego Bay airport depending on your transfer. We don’t mind the ride at all as you get to see some of the countryside. The resort is quite large but we love this as everything is all nicely spaced apart and doesn’t make it feel like it’s crowded at all. Plus when you are walking around the resort you get to enjoy the lovely trees, plants and flowers that they take great care of.
Just as it was last time it was very difficult to leave the resort and the fantastic Jamaican hospitality. We will be back!!!

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