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TRS Review - April 20-May 1, 2018

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Re: TRS Review - April 20-May 1, 2018

Post by Leslie »

Thank you so much for your trip review! It's fantastic! Would you mind copying and pasting it in the Trip Review section above? It is the 6th thread down from the top of this Forum. We would very much appreciate it!


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Re: TRS Review - April 20-May 1, 2018

Post by durango54 »

Loved reading your report. We just returned from our wonderful vacation and had Andres also and he was wonderful. I could have wrapped him up and taken him home. He will be moving up the ladder quickly he is such a huge asset to this resort. I think everyone has the same opinion of the rooms. I had to move all over the room to try and find light to apply makeup but then just gave up and applied by memory! There is no telling what I looked like, luckily all the restaurants were dimly lit also so I was good to go. The one other point we agreed to was that the toilets were extremely high off the ground. Now we are on the shorter side but my legs didn't go to the ground while sitting. I found this very interesting and how did they come up with this height? Husband said some of the urinals were way higher than he needed them to be also. Just find things don't translate so well from country to country. Still, we LOVED the room and it was beautiful. We stayed a week and could have stretched our stay also but you know how work keeps nagging at you. So glad I booked 11 days in December there.

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Re: TRS Review - April 20-May 1, 2018

Post by Brenda »

Fantastic! :2: for taking time to share your experiences. I added your report to our Trip Report Page. :62:
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