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WOW, we are impressed TRS

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WOW, we are impressed TRS

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Well,here I am sitting at home and not at work (on doctors orders) for an extended couple days after a fabulous vacation at the TRS Yucation April 27th to May 8th.
My toilet incident occurred 2 days into our holiday after sleeping a couple of hours,waking up feeling dizzy with the need to use the facilities. Perhaps the height of the toilet (my feet dangled)and many mirrors had something to due with this incident.Unfortunately,I don't remember anything past feeling dizzy and Greg found me on the floor with my shorts around my ankles.After seeing my doctor and optometrist, it seems that I suffered a minor concussion,whiplash and jarred a "spider" hanging from my right eye.This has become 100% more noticeable NOW due to being sober during the day! Thus,I am chilling the next few days.

Now,the report of our sensational trip.

We saw Israel Montoya upon checking in and we were led to an elegant TRS lobby.We wish him the best in his future plans. Assigned Villa 68, plunge pool, first floor as requested.
Upon entering our room,we noticed the abundance of mirrors everywhere.As many have mentioned,the washroom has a mirror which will scare the p**p out you.Modern computerized TV, built into the wall,new counters with strange heights and large,deep sinks.I still managed to splash water everywhere. Lovely deck with small table and two chairs and a round couch.Plunge pool kept immaculately clean.One day,Greg had a pool guy check for a "critter" before I discovered it first. He had a scuba mask and net and with a crew,they found a tiny sand crab.No harm! The plunge pools will be so pretty and private once the vegetation grows fuller.
Our butlers,Erasimo and Samuel were top notch.My club soda request was well stocked within a day,and we had our pillows changed within an hour of arriving.Reservations were made with ease and in the resort system thus elimination the need of the little slips of paper! We loved the bracelet instead of the key so no fumbling for room key.Our room was immaculately made up twice daily by Vilma.
The TRS lobby bar, was top notch (love my Johnny Walker Black) and was open 24 hours so I can get coffee early!

Special mention to our friend Edgar Gil for everything you do for us.Thank you for putting up with my annoying requests! See you and Kenya next year.

We cannot say enough about the very noticeable upgrade in the food quality and service.We visited the Helios beach and Capricho restaurants for breakfast.Wonderful jazz feel in Capricho, with beautiful furniture and eating utensils. I was tempted as Jackie N Jake mentioned in her report to abscond with a couple of place settings. Had a wonderful grilled snapper at Helios at lunch.We love the little dishes for tasting! Thank you, Luis Gomez for your expert serving skills and attention to the little things. Impresionante!
Our evening meals were spent twice at each of,El Gaicho,La Boheme,Tentazione and Helios.The quality of food did not disappoint.Each starter was a creation and the soups had a unique flavour. Coconut shrimp did not disappoint and the sauce is much improved. Greg and I like to treat each meal as an experience,hence why we stay in the adult section.
Sounds snobbish,but hey,we love good food experiences!

The new infinity pool is gorgeous,however the bali beds need more of a covering.As a result, people would take the umbrellas for the loungers to use as a "roof" thus creating an umbrellas shortage.Having said that,the pool guys scampered to find us one for our pals, Debbie Partee and Joe Partee.Bar service was excellent whether in the pool or at your lounger. Sometimes too much so! No names mentioned, right DP! (couldn't resist as it is such a rare occurrence)!
We spent time at the Royal beach and at the spa/sports area where we played 3 or 4 games of paddle tennis.We realized that (despite being reasonably fit and slathering a very liberal application of sun screen)after 90 minutes you do become fatigued quicker in the hot Mexico sun.
Beautiful weather every day!

The Palladium Addicts Beach party held was a roaring success with Radio Zero on point.They really rock and I got my crazy legs and air guitar warmed up.I made my Virginal Foam party appereance. It was fun but I think they need to have a height requirement.I feared stepping on shorter people underneath!
Checked out the chocolate night before the big get together PA party. Honestly, not very impressed but I think they have downsized dramatically based on other addicts comments. We arrived to the party where Greg sneakily prepared his entrance.I thought we would be kicked out with his "El Chapo" mask.I guess we both let our "hair down" while on vacation. Liz Doucette Sneddon got me up and we "walked 500 miles"! While on stage with Brenda Munjone Fischl,she showed up all the young kids with a perfect cheerleader split! You go girl! Love you and Butch Fischl.Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Thanks to ALL the staff and management for another successful and fun PALLADIUM ADDICTS evening.

One of the highlights of our trip was Chic Cabaret & Restaurant.Great entertainment before and after the show. The show itself is high quality. Some comments I heard was that it compares to or is better than Vegas.
I haven't been to Vegas, but thoroughly enjoyed the show.

It is difficult to be home, but I know the excitement will be in preparing for another trip in the future.
We were thoroughly impressed with all the changes, yet also enjoyed all the familiar areas and staff which is why we continue to return to our home away from home.
Feel free to ask any questions
Jill and Greg Smith
TRS Yucatan April 27th - May 8th, 2018
Lady Hamilton, Jamaica Dec 7th - Dec 14th, 2017
Lady Hamilton, Jamaica Oct 2nd - Oct 9th, 2017
Royal Suites Yucatan, April 28th - May 7th, 2017
Royal Suites Turquesa, October 2016
Royal Suites Yucatan, May 2016
AND the list could go on, lol

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