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Kantenah Romance Suite Sep 28-Oct 6/2019

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Kantenah Romance Suite Sep 28-Oct 6/2019

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For our fifth visit we were in Kantenah “Romance Suites” (aka Mayan Villas), room 3608. The location and view were perfect. When I emailed our room preferences, which were all met, I indicated that we would be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. We arrived after dark, but it was like being at home, knowing where to go, walking through the jungle to go for dinner. Just love that! When we returned we were greeted with a large banner, and inside there was champagne, fruit, and two t-shirts. Combined, the fronts made a heart, and spelled LO and VE. The back of one said since 19, and the other said 20, and there was a palladium logo. I was a bit confused, but figured that the Palladium Hotel Group must have existed since 1920, and we love it, so that works. Wasn’t until the next day when I saw a young couple wearing the same shirts, that I changed the order of the T-shirts and realized it was since 2019! Our travel agent had stated it was our honeymoon !. Personally, I think 35 years is more of an accomplishment, but we enjoyed the sentiment.
This was the quietest the resort has been since we’ve been going. I think the sargassum media coverage has had quite an impact on tourism, but luckily the water and beach were beautiful while we were there – much better than the last two visits. Hopefully the visitors will return. I was lucky to see the monkeys on the first day, outside Villa 50, and saw many agouti, but did not see any Coati until day 6. And then only one small group by the teen club. None in the normal location outside the lunch buffet. There were live traps in the jungle, so maybe they are being rehomed.
We did attend the White Party (as spectators), and enjoyed the music and the Fire Show after. The absolute highlight of our stay was the turtle release we were lucky enough to encounter. We watched them digging through the nest to make sure that all eggs were accounted for, and all live turtles were placed in a cooler. Once they completed a couple of nests they brought the turtles around to release into the surf. There were only a few spectators, so we were able to hold a turtle before release. Amazing how strong those little guys are.
Most days we spent either at the Kantenah beach or el Riconcito pool. Once we ventured over to la Isla. The last few trips we would go to Colonial lobby for a drink before dinner, and would be lucky to get one of the last few tables. This trip it was empty – every night. Maybe a combination of low occupancy and the new entertainment/bars in TRS.
Our one splurge was to check out the Chic show. The entertainment and venue were very impressive. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The food – not so much. My husband, who loves to eat, didn’t even finish the small servings. But, the show was great, and we got food later at the sports bar.

Overall – the trip has only fueled my addiction. Until next time … :59:

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