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Post by anajamila »

I expected there to be many threads on this already, but even using the search for both forums yielded no results. If there are threads that cover this, I apologize for asking and would appreciate some links as I must be keyword inept!

If not... we've stayed at GPRM twice now and really enjoy it. The tips and tricks from this forum really helped with that, so thank you everyone!

We're trying to decide if we want to go back to GPRM again, or try the Costa Mujeres location. It's easy enough to find the similarities (nightly entertainment, restaurants, etc), but a lot harder to find the differences. If you've been to both, can you please tell me what the differences were and what you enjoyed/disliked about each when comparing to each other? I'm sure GPCM is amazing as is GPRM; just curious if it's a better match for us or not.

Thanks everyone!

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Post by madge59 »

I have been to both, although my trip to GPCM was about 2 weeks after they opened and there were several things that weren't finished.

GPCM - This is a very modern resort. The buildings are more like a hotel with elevators to the upper floors. You walk down a long interior corridor to get to the rooms. There is no jungle here, but they have attempted to keep the flora where possible. There is no shade when walking around the resort. The beach is lovely; very wide and windy. All of the ala carte restaurants for the GP side are in the Village which makes it easy to switch around if one has a long wait. The two buffets, Isla Blanca and Poseidon are not in the village. There is a really nice coffee shop in the Village which is very popular. I wish they had something similar at RM. They also have the Galaxy Sky Bar which was not open when I was there, but looks like a good spot to spend the evening. The spa is much larger at CM and has more options if you choose to pay to access the "wet area". If you are in Family Selection or TRS, I don't think you have to pay to access the wet areas. This resort is smaller than RM (for now, they will be expanding), so walking around is fairly easy. There are carts and a boat system to use if you don't want to walk.

I'm glad I went to check this resort out, but I probably would not choose it over RM. The things I love about RM, the jungle, the wooden paths, the tropical feel, just don't exist at CM. CM reminds me of any large resort you could find in Florida and that is not what I want. However, if you decide to go, I'm sure you would not be disappointed. It is a GP product and the staff is wonderful. The food we had was good and ALL of the drinks we ordered were top notch. We didn't have a bad drink during our 4 days there.

Almost forget...the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center is there and quite a big deal if you like to play tennis.

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Post by Terry »

Totally agree with Madge and Jackie. It was worth a trip to see. I was very happy there was no sargasso as I have a bad reaction to it. Had a nice time. People were very friendly. I probably would return if some friends or family really wanted to try it or if the sargasso is bad again in the RM. Very happy I went though.

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Post by margaritalady »

We've been to both...R.M. many times, Costa Mujeres this past June. Stayed at TRS C.M.--the swimouts were nice, but only a canal type, rather than feeding into pools like Punta Cana. NO PALAPAS at either the beach or pool at Costa Mujeres--we really didn't like the beach as much as R.M.--and I think the lack of shade was a big part of it. -- There are umbrellas, but they don't offer the same shade as the palapas (nor the ambiance, in my opinion). Loved the restaurants at Costa Mujeres, the Sky Bar and the Gravity Bar and the TRS Lobby Bar were all very nice--the whole resort seemed more upscale, but as others here have said, also not tropical. C.M. is closer to the airport. It was fun exploring a new resort and I wouldn't hesitate to return, but also can't wait to return to R.M. and P.C. next year!

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