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There just before closure (CoVid19) - 3/14/20 - 3/22/20

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There just before closure (CoVid19) - 3/14/20 - 3/22/20

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Hi guys,
This was our 13th trip. Booked many moons before the coronavirus panic. I have been thinking about posting a trip report after every one of our trips since 2014, the year after I fell through one of the wooden walkways. I've experienced many different aspects of this resort before and since then, as I know many of you have also. It is you inveterate addicts to whom I address this report. It is you who will understand how heavy our (wife Ellen and I) hearts were as we witnessed first hand the resort going from full throttle to merely more than a whimper.

I won't bore you with common details like how we arrived, check-in, food offerings. etc., instead I want to focus on how, right to the very end of our stay, the entire staff, who all knew their employment was about to end indefinitely, offered us their utmost hospitality. In the face of possibly the worst catastrophe in their lives they were, to a person, genial, hard working and hospitable in every way. We met many old acquaintances, including Alfonzo, Rene and Alejandra at La Boheme, Fernanda of course, Irvin, Liz and Victor at Bar La Jarra, Mayra at the TRS bar, and others. We also were charmed to make new acquaintances in Juaquim (sp?) and Alejandro in Tentacione bar. Antonio and Marcelino at El Gaucho were some of the best waiters we have ever encountered. And Sandra at guest services in the Lobby Kantenah (she reads peoples minds!) lol.

From our first day we began noticing that little things were disappearing or shutting down. Of course we knew why, but by the 5th day it was beginning to become downright eerie. After dinner at Tentacione on day 5 we found out that Chic was opening their doors to everyone (no meal but the full show and bar service). It was to be their last performance until......who knew when. Very melancholy. On our last few days mostly everything was closed. No shows at Colonial theatre, just a DJ in the lobby. They did try to have a 'Casino Night' in the courtyard one night but in spite of their best efforts, there were so few patrons that it was just kinda sad. On the bright side there plenty of beach loungers and Bali beds in the TRS beach section to choose from.

While we were there a message went out on PA Facebook page from Felipe Martinez Verde regarding the setting up of a kind of method for anyone interested to support the laid off workers; they have no employment insurance in Mexico. Look for more info on this subject on FB PA soon. Felipe is under incredible stress as he deals with all of the fallout.

Our beautiful and beloved resort. Sitting empty. So Sad. But nothing lasts forever and when we return there we'll relish it all the more. Hope to see you there soon!

Yours in vacation hi-jinks,

Clark, Ellen, Rusty and Audrey

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