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just back from TRS

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just back from TRS

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We just returned this weekend from a covid getaway to the Palladium. We arrived Friday the 2nd on their first day open and stayed until Sat the 10th.

Interesting stay to say the least. As they just opened, (TRS and White Sand), there was only one TRS and one WS resturant option available each day. And strongly recommended that reservations would be required (without we saw some turned away with a long wait time)

Friday night we had available Portofino or El Goucho and chose Portofino (great meal as usual). We has a J.S. with personal pool which was great on the first night....

Saturday morning was breezy as we walked to breakfast at Capricho, shortly after breakfast we sighed up for a couples massage and then the lobby was evacuated to the rooms... Direct hit with tropical storm Gamma.... Storm relented by end of day so that we were able to enjoy dinner at Tentazione (first time there and loved it). Room pool was quite filled with debris for next couple days.

Walking around Sunday saw the damage that a strong TS can inflict, many trees down and palapa roofs damaged... Went to spa in afternoon and while the actual massage was great, the facility was not yet ready for primetime as the pool was closed (maybe because of storm) and the hot tubs / cold tubs and showers not in service.. No access to change rooms so had to disrobe in the bathrooms and were given nylon ponchos to wear (not the nice robes I remember). Had very nice dinner in La Boheme and a three dancer "show" in the lobby bar (Chic closed entire stay)..

Monday was a nice relaxing day. They finally opened Helios so the day started with breakfast on the beach... very nice as we had not been there before. Due to storm most pools were available but still being cleaned up, beach/pool bars limited to TRS Gaia pool bar and La Oasis beach resturant. Spent morning at TRS infinity pool which while nice, was a bit loud for our liking so we headed to the beach (VERY bad erosion from storm) but relaxed there for rest of day. Our favorite LaJarra was not open and no chairs anywhere on beach.... Awesome meal at Helios followed by a 6 dancer show in the lobby... better....

Tuesday we woke to the news of a cat3 hurricane Delta on its way to Cancun with us just outside of the cone... booked backup plan hotel in Bacalar (we have been on gulf coast for 26yrs so we know what hurricanes can do)... Hotel was in protect mode again so after breakfast we went back to beach to "relax".... As Delta hit cat4 status and moved so that we were in the cone we packed up and left.... As we left all TRS guests were moved into empty WS rooms farthest from beach. We passed buses from the Cancun Palladium which evacuated here... Friends of ours who were staying in Fiesta Americana got to spend the night in the Cancun university gym...

We had two great days in Bacalar! Two of my best meals!

Thursday brought us back to the TRS and guest count seemed to go from around 30 in the first few days to "more than they were ready for". A bit of confusion on returning as they gave our room away, but they took care of it pretty well and got us in to room next door. Had a good day but got used to walking as the wait for carts was a while (normally not a big deal except my wife is still recovering from a broken leg so we tried to keep teh walking down a bit this time)... Nice dinner at La Lola with a nice couple of singers giving a good show in the lobby courtyard at 10.

Friday was a beautiful day, Helios was open for breakfast but we didnt know it until we had already walked to the lobby.. Spent the day at the beach only to discover at 3:00 that La Jarra was open and that the TRS beach beds were cleaned and welcoming... The girls at the bar served their first drink of the day to use and kept them coming until 6.... We were the only ones there.... Had to walk back to room as carts never showed up at any of the locations we called from... Went to dinner at El Gaucho and it was not good.... too many people too few workers... many walking out half way thru dinner... my steak came cold to the touch (even while perfectly cooked)... dont order the potatoes souffle.... BUT day was saved by a great show in the lobby courtyard (dancing and singing).

Saturday we packed up and headed back to Cancun getting to see first hand the damage that Delta (fortunate downgraded to a cat2) inflicted...

All in all if this had been our first visit instead of our 4th we would have been disappointed but we weren't. Tough to be just opened and hit by two storms... The staff was awesome as usual but management did not seem to have adequate staff to deliver as expected.... The biggest issue was communication.. a letter under the door outlining what was open and what was planned for the week would have been great... APP was not accurate and did not give us the ability to plana the meals for the week...

PS Sounds like Kantenah and Colonial wont be open this year, all their restaurants and lobbies were empty and dark.

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