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TRS Yucatan Nov. 2020 (by Epsy)

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TRS Yucatan Nov. 2020 (by Epsy)

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I am submitting this trip report by Epsy.....

"Just got back from TRS (8th visit, we finally got a VIP bracelet) :9: Hubby and I were at TRS for 10 days, so I believe I can give you some updates about the resort.

- Room. Lots of amenities missing. No TRS caps, no alarm clock, no magnifying mirror… Our butler said it was due to covid, however all amenities are provided if you ask for them so don’t panic. We asked for some caps and a speaker and they were given to us in a few minutes.

- Spa. You need to make a reservation in order to enjoy of the spa. Generally you book for 1 hour, however, we used to stay longer and nobody asked us to leave. There is just half of the tubs working (1 hot tub, 1 cold tub, sauna, showers) but the steam room was closed. Every place has a sign indicating how many people can be using it at the same time. 15 people at the pool, 4 people at the hot tub, etc. However, there’s nobody watching for that rules to be followed. Hubby and I were at the hot tub and a group of 6 people decided to get in so we immediately left. Keep in mind that the spa now closes at 06.00pm, so if you want to book a treatment or massage, make sure to do it as soon as possible since they have a pretty packed agenda. You have to call ahead even to work out or use the pool. They have to manage capacity. The Aqua massage in the wet area is closed...all boarded up. It broke my heart I love that water blast on my neck, shoulders, upper back like every day!!

You will get your temp taken when you get there and at restaurants.

- Restaurants. They are all operating as usual. There is a QR code at the entry where you can scan the menu and there’s also sanitizer at the entry of every restaurant.

For breakfast we had 2 options: Helios and Dalia. We always went to Helios and the food and service was great. The buffet part was huge and there’s also a la carte menu.

There was a thematic lunch every day at the infinity pool (tacos, BBQ, paella…) so can also eat right there.

All TRS restaurants were great. We visited all of them and loved them all. You can check on the app which restaurants/bars are open, however the butler sent me a whatsapp message every morning informing about which restaurants were opened that day, what activities were planned, etc. I really loved that, so helpful.

On the other hand, we visited Ribs&More and we didn’t like it. We ordered chicken fingers and they brought 3 fingers, with no sauce. The presentation was terrible… Don’t get me wrong, the food was good and our waiter was great. Just way too far from TRS level. So we decided to stay at TRS restaurants. I visited Ribs last year and the food was great, such a pity. Perhaps it was just a bad day.

We decided to have all our meals inside the restaurants because there were some mosquitoes outside. They totally follow all the anti-covid regulations and we felt so secure and protected the whole time. Plus, hubby and I got tested before getting back to work and we both got negative so that is a fact for me. I’m so proud of all Palladium staff for taking such good care of us.

- Beach. No sargassum, clear water, no smell. It was a true paradise. Apparently, the storms brought some rocks to the shore so it was difficult to walk or swim at some places. But that’s not a problem for me, the beach looked even prettier.

As you can see, everything was great and we had so much fun. However, there’s something negative that I would like to talk about.

It looks like there’s this new law / regulation in Mexico that allows everyone to access to all the beaches. So every day you could see people selling sunglasses, tobacco, visits to parcs…they are allowed to walk through the beach, through Las Rocas bar and by the infinity pool. They usually sat at the bench that there’s at the end of the infinity pool. Some of them were recording us on their phones, taking pictures… I felt like a monkey at the zoo. I know that all TRS guests take photos or videos, but this didn't feel right. They even offered to sell us drugs a couple of times! I felt so uncomfortable…

I see that as a threat to privacy and security. I can tell that the lifeguard and hotel security kept and eye on them all the time. However, once the hotel is more crowded, I feel it can be a huge problem. I talked about this to the butler and at reception. I’m not complaining but I’m definitely concerned about this.

Imagine being at the beach with your kids and have someone approach you offering drugs. Or leaving your stuff at Las Rocas balinese bed and having someone walking around your bag. Unacceptable.

Besides, it bothers me that Colonial or Kantenah guests are not allowed to go to Las Rocas pool or Infinity Pool but these other people can be there… Doesn’t make sense to me.

To sum up, it was our most memorable visit to TRS. Very special for us and lots of happy moments that we will never forget. Thanks Palladium for being our little piece of paradise on earth."

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