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White Sand Nov. 22nd-26th 2020

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White Sand Nov. 22nd-26th 2020

Post by cactusrose »

"Trip Review for GPRM: Nov 22nd-Nov26th
2 Adults, 2 Kids (9 and 2)

Review written by Tomea Simpson

Accomodations: We originally booked Kantenah, but due to the pandemic we were moved to WS (like everyone else, thanks for the updates everyone, it was good because we expected it :-D), so I actually sent my room request for WS. We ended up getting our request so all good! Check-in was smooooooooth because of the app. (Hint- DOWNLOAD THE APP!) I know distance is relative, but we really felt our room was decently centrally located to everything. We spent most of our time at the Kids Pool anyways, so it was great!

Dining: Okay, so overall the food was wonderful, but there were a few things.......We LOVED the buffets and the way they were spread out and set up. We tried everything from the cooking stations, and I have to say I preferred my fresh-grilled steaks (I had them everyday :-D) to the food that was sitting out. La Dalia was probably our favorite buffet, followed by La Laguna for breakfast. My husband loved his omelettes and coffee every morning. We tried Ribs and More for the 1st time this trip and ended up eating there twice. We often had to make our reservations for the restaurants a day early, so just keep that in mind. We were able to get in without a reservation one time, but we did have to wait about an hour before we were seated. Okay, so for the cons. We were so disappointed that we didn't get to eat at any of our favorite restaurants: La Adelita, Sumptori, Posiedon (currently closed), and El Dorado due to them being closed on the days we visited. We completely understand there is a pandemic, but were sad that the same restaurants were open 3-4 days in a row with no variation. Maybe because the other places were in Colonial so they wanted to consolidate where everyone ate? I don't know, but it was really a letdown for us since we were so looking forward to eating at our favorites. But we had room service (extra charge, but we thought it was reasonable) and ate at La Dalia for some of our dinners so it was fine.

Activities: We actually went on one Snorkeling Excursion in Akumal, and it was just "Okay". It wasn't really explained that our kids (who have never snorkeled) would be expected to actually put on gear. They made it sound like we would be able to hold our 2 year old and still be able to see the fish. It was really just a combined misunderstanding, but again, we made the best of it.

Nightly Entertainment: They had some fun kids activities that my boys loved, and were really interactive. The performances from the POP dancers in the WS Lobby were AMAZING! We were singing and dancing right along with them. Since we had young children, we weren't able to stay up all night, but the DJ had everyone up and dancing for most nights.

We had a WONDERFUL time, but there was one incident that I hope GPRM will take note of. Let me preface this by saying there is nothing wrong with the PTC- it just doesn't work for our needs. I know alot of you are PTC members, I'm sure it's a wonderful perk to have during your vacations. We have been to a couple of these presentations during our stays at GP resorts, and we just feel like it's not what we want at this time, and we always politely say so at the end of the presentations. This is the very first time we have been approached BEFORE WE EVEN WENT TO OUR ROOM. The PTC salespeople literally lie in wait while we check in. So, we had a very long flight, had 2 hangry kids in tow, and we were hungry, so at the time, I just answered Jose's greeting and answered some of his questions because we really were just trying to get to La Dalia before they closed. Finally when he asked us about breakfast did my stressed/tired/hungry mind realize what he was doing. So we agreed to meet him at breakfast, but during lunch, we decided to let them know up front we were not interested in the presentation. So we did keep our appointment, but immediately (and politely) let the salespeople know that we wouldn't be sitting in on the presentation. They said they understood, and we proceeded with our day. Later on that evening, they must have marked us (we are a pretty unique and recognizable looking family), because Jose's coworkers came over that evening while we were in the lobby inquiring why we didn't do the presentation. I felt that was very rude. We are not required to do anything, so why keep pushing the issue? Either way, we didn't appreciate anything about our PTC experience and feel they really need to lay off.

Final words- GET THE APP! I can't say this enough. It really helped us figure things out as far as which restaurants were open, and what activities there were to do for the kids. And if any of you end up staying there soon- Zentropia Spa has some AMAZING deals right now. I got 3 different treatments (Ask for Nayeli <3) for a STEAL, so if you see any Spa reps around, hit them up! And please, please, PLEASE tip your staff members. They work so so hard, and my husband and I were usually the only people who tipped our staff during mealtimes and at the bar this time around. They were all so appreciative when we recognized their wonderful service.

A huge THANK YOU to all the amazing staff at GPRM, and we have yet ANOTHER beautiful stay under our belt!

See you all again very soon!

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