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GP Trip review 11/14/20 -11/21/20

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GP Trip review 11/14/20 -11/21/20

Post by cactusrose »

This is a trip report by "cdq85" :

I see most people are reporting back from the TRS side so I wanted to post my small trip review from the non-TRS side. I went to GP from 11/14 thru 11/21 and had a great time but it was very different experience, obviously. We signed up for the Romance Villas in Colonial and that is actually where we got to stay. I had been hearing they were transferring people from Colonial to White Sands but that was not the case for us. Looking back, I wish we would have gotten transferred to White Sands as it would have been closer to the pool we frequented the most. The two main pools are open, however, the Colonial one does not have anything open at it except the beach bar. I am a big fan of the swim up bars so that limited us to the one pool. The only other major inconvenience was the damaged stairway that goes over the moat at the White Sands pool. From the direction we were walking, you had to go all the way around through the lobby and pretty much doubled our walk. I'm not complaining as I enjoy walking around and seeing everything but my wife hated that. You will notice some damage around the resort but they were working on stuff each day to bring it back to normal so I imagine it will be back up to normal with another month or two. The pools usually got a little busy around 1pm but I must say, it was very odd to look around sometimes and be the only person in the pool. One day, we were the only two people at the entire White Sands pool for a few hours. To be fair, it was nice to have the entire swim up bar to myself lol.

As you can imagine, the restaurants are under much tighter restrictions with reservations highly recommended (not required except for Brazilian). You must wear a mask to enter all of them and you may take them off when you sit down. The breakfast and lunch was kind of disappointing as selection just seemed way down and everything is served to you by an employee which creates long lines sometimes. The sports bar is open 4-12 every day but they do not serve food. The entertainment was cut down as well. There are no big shows, just a few individual small acts in the lobbies which were still fun. The staff was unbelievable as always but definitely some new faces there. Overall, it was just a very quiet and relaxing trip which was still fun. They are definitely making the best of it and I'm already booking my next trip for May. If you have any specific questions, please let me know!

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