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Wedding in Punta Canna

Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Jamaica, Vallarta
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Wedding in Punta Canna

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We are back from a great week at the Palladium in Punta Cana. Although we have been to this resort many times and love it there, we were a little nervous about selecting it for our wedding. I have gotten to know Octavio and Carolina and knew they would take care of us, but we were worried about our guests. We ended up with 36 of our family and closets friends coming with us. Many of them have traveled to this resort before so they knew what to expect. Our concern was with our guests that usually travel to much nicer,higher priced resorts. We had to balance their expectations with the cost for everyone. We worried for nothing, all went well and I think all of our guests had a great time. It wasn't a relaxing vacation for us as we had many things to do and many people to visit. We also felt the need to make sure all of the groups of friends we had all mixed well together and that we actually spend some time with everyone. Other than the hectic pace, everything went great.
We arrived late on monday night ( the 14th) and got everyone settled into their rooms and took many of our guests over to the sports bar for a late night snack.
Tuesday mornin was our scheduled meeting with Carolina, the wedding co-ordinator. We felt a little nervous and we had not done very much in the way of planning ahead of time. We had a suitcase full of wedding favours, a guest book , music cd's we had made and our sand ceremony kit. Carolina just said leave it all with her and she would take care of it all. We met with her for only 35 minutes and we discussed everything and made all of the arrangements. It seems hard to believe, but that is all it took. We had the wedding planned for the new Gazebo( where we were engaged last year) at 3 pm on the Thursday. After that we had time for pictures and then a private dinner at La Uva restaurant with a private dance after that. .
On the day of the wedding it was a undescribable feeling that I had. Cathy was as relaxed as I have ever seen, but I had a stange feeling. Part of it was nerves and part was the sense that I should be doing something. I sat in the shade by myself and tried to get some rest that morning. I knew cathy would be out of our room from 11-12 getting her hair done so I had access to the room. I went back and cleaned up and gathered my clothes ect. The flowers had been delivered and they were great, I knew Cathy was going to love them when she seen them. The day before, Carolina had picked up Cathy's dress to have it steamed. When I walked into the room that morning, it had been returned and was hanging inside the room. Luckily, they put it back in the bag, so I didn't see it. LOL. I got ready and quickly left the room and headed to my Best Man's room to drop off my things.
At this point, I still had that queezy feeling,but knew I had to eat something, so off to lunch I went. Carolina had done a very nice invitation of sort and sent to everyone of our guests to have them all meet in the Palace lobby at 2:30 pm where we would all take the train to the wedding. I waitied until almost 2:30 to get dressed and headed to the lobby where I was met by all of our friends and family. At five minutes before three the train showed up. I was nervous they had forgotten us, but they do not forget anything, trust me. We all arrived at the gazebo and Carolina had everything set up beatifully. Our custom made fountain pen to sign the papers and our sand ceremony kit was all there and set up beautifully. There was beverages for all of our guests. A few minutes latter, we were told that Cathy was on her way. They had sent a cart for her and her Maid of Honor and her two daughters who walked her down the ailse. We could here the horn of the cart coming as they honked it all the way from the room.
My nerves were still getting to me and I could feel my emotions getting to me. I was ok, until our maid of honor got within site, then I had a hard time controlling my emotions, The ceremony went quickly and was everything we wanted. We chose not to write our own vows, but I did have a few words to say when I gave cathy a third ring. 1- engagement = past, 1- wedding= present and one more the same as her wedding band to = our future. I amazed myself as I got through that without too much trouble. Once all was done,I felt the nerves just disapear.
We had an amazing photographer HDC
I encourage anyone getting married in PC to use them. They are even branching out to other countries.
We got the photo and Vide package. We did this because my parents were not well enough to make the trip. I highly reccomend this to anyone as the video we got was amazing. You can check out some of our wedding pictures here. http://gregandcathysweddingday.shutterf ... pictures/8
We had just enough time to take our pictures and also stop back to the room to freshen up. I had taken a second identicle shirt to change into. Then off to the lobby to meet back up with our guests for one drink. By this time it was time to walk over to the LA Uva restaurant where they had set up our reception as a private dinner. We were concerned that they made us chose a fixed menu for everyone with no exception. We chose the pasta app. with beef medalions. They had a special menu on each plate done with our names on it to let everyone know the meal we had chossen. The tables were all set up and all of the wedding favours and guest book were all set up, just as we had hoped they would be. For a quest book, we tried something different. Most books allow for hundreds of signiatutes,too many for a small wedding. We got a beatiful wodden fram with a silver matting around a 5x7 photo. Our guests used a scribe pen to etch there comments permanatley in the matt. I had seen the ones you write on, but apparently they fade over time. This is forever and looks very nice.
The meal was one of the best I have had at the Palladiums. Everyone of our guests raved about the meal. They gave us great staff with a great supervisor for the night and we were told they were there for anything we needed. During dinner, we had the musical trio playing and our guests enjoyed the Dominican flavour of their music.
After dinner we had just a few minutes of speaches. I had said we did not want speaches,but my best man had prepared a speech that I was not prepared for. Wow, that was all I needed,I couldn't even get through mine without blubbering like an idiot. It is amazing how emotional a wedding day can be.
After that , it was time to party. We had the staff booked to stay and keep an open bar and we had a DJ hired. He was the one that they use in the Disco. We took 4-5 hours of music that we liked just in case they didn't have the right music for our group. We thought tha it might be a night where everyone sat around and visited and didn't dance. Wow were we wrong. Almost our entire group danced and sang all night. We were all soaked with persperation,but we kept going all night. The Dj mixed in some of his songs too which was great. We took alot of slow song, but the newer, fast stuff was working, so he went with that, We had 36 people who all said it was the best time ever. We got all of the staff up dancing with us all night. I had to go and tell their boss it was ok for them to join, because I could see they wanted to join. The DJ asked to copy our music as he knew they would go over well in the Disco. I had made an extra copy for him to keep, so he was happy.
About 12 of us left there around midnight and got a cart. A quick stop to drop off some things and then off to the disco( just to say we had made it there) It didn't take long before we ended up at the sports bar. We are a group in our 40's so the disco is not our thing.
I think we made it back to the room around 2 am. WOW. they had killed the power to all of the lights and the canopy above the bed ( honemoon suite Royal Suites) had a neon blue glow. There were rose petals on the floor leading to the bed and the tub with candles light every 3-4 feet. The tub was filled with bubble bath and there was a bottle of champagne on ice. The bed and the surface of the water were covered with rose petals. It was a perfect surprise to a great night.
For all of you who might be considering a wedding at this resort, you will never regret it, we had the exact wedding experience we wanted and the most fun. They will literally do everything for you.
If anybody has any questions , please ask and I will be happy to answer them for you.

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