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Wedding Review in a nutshell! Oct 10 2011

Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Jamaica, Vallarta
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Wedding Review in a nutshell! Oct 10 2011

Post by laceymo »

:9: I cant seem to write our trip report as this was our 5th time staying at the Grand palladium Riviera Maya! WEDDING , October 10/2011
The wedding Planner, absolutely amazing!

1) The wedding in itself was way beyond our expectations! That not knowing me goes a long, long way!
2) Dont worry if you dont get a lot of emails prior to the wedding date, they give you a letter in your welcome package! The next day you choose your flowers, food, steaming of attire and the villa's to which the wedding party is to be picked up at! They have it entirly under control! La Laguna or Gran Azul are my picks for this! PM, for questions!
3) the Coctail party is a almost a meal , so inform your guests of to eat lightly , we had a lot of waste! which was donated...
4) Download your songs on an IPOD, they have a docking station to which we were unaware and bought one just in case, all the traditional things will be handled...First dance, cutting of the cake, Bouquet toss and Garter! Lot's of dancing room!
5) if you do the coctail party " which is my suggestion" it's a meal and to inform your guests of that! Lot's and lot's of food. wait Neil said " it's alot but eat lightly before" lol . I had to say this again :9: :9:
6) you're coctail party is well decorated ! You're cake comes out upon your requests, the wedding co-ordinators are there!
7) after your party, go to the lobby to which one or the other, band is playing, my favorite Con Classe ( my friends ) which was perfect! and it might be Quarzo awesome to :9: :9:
8) Please message me if you have any other questions! Everything went without a hitch!!!!!! Awesome!

we had many guests, 48 to be exact and we're super busy during our two week stay! My guests and Us had the time of our lives!!!!!! Many addicts Recruited! That's not hard.... :9:

We wouldn't have had it any other way! Stress Free wedding, and it was absolutley amazing! Everything else about our trip is just like the past, It just keeps getting better!!! :9:

Cheers, Heather! Pictures to follow, when we get them all....and all the little unexpected surprises from the wedding planners and staff, which I wont tell! Simply put " aboslutley amazing"

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