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Selling weeks to Travelers Rest and Trust

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Selling weeks to Travelers Rest and Trust

Post by dshirley »

Has anyone been contacted by a company called Travelers Rest and Trust? This company has called me and we have spoken at lengths about me selling them weeks and the fact that they had a buyer for my weeks. This company is from Portland, Maine and has been in business since 1985, according to the Secretary of State in Maine. As far as I can tell, they are a legitimate company, however, they want me to send them $2300 for processing fees and such. I refused to do it and stopped communicating with them. I was wondering if anyone else has been contacted by this company or have had any dealings with them.

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Re: Selling weeks to Travelers Rest and Trust

Post by Luvthecaribbean »

Don't do it, it is a total scam. They seem to change the company name all the time because they keep getting caught. We lost money a couple of years ago bc it sounded too good to be true and it def was. And, yes, they do sound very professional but as soon as you send the first amount of $, they will then need you to send more. That is when we knew we were taken advantage of. Don't let it happen to you.
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