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Changes since Royal Suites was eliminated

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Changes since Royal Suites was eliminated

Post by skyebluetravels »

My husband and I had been to the Palladium Vallarta/Royal Suites 12 years in a row, we remember when the Royal Suites was first being built. At the time they built the Royal Suites we loved the Palladium and couldn't imagine paying the extra for the Royal Suites, after the first visit to the Royal Suites we loved it and couldn't imagine going back. Visiting the Royal Suites was our favorite vacation every year. We have not been back since the resort eliminated the adults only Royal Suites section. We just decided to give the Grand Palladium another try and booked for next month. In reading the forum it sounds like the area that was the Royal Suites has become the family section and that building 1 by the adult pool has become the "adults only" area. I would love some insight from those that used to be loyal to the Royal Suites what the changes are and what to expect at the Grand Palladium. We loved the breakfast at the Punta Mita Restaurant is that restaurant still open for breakfast of is it just the buffet in the morning? Are we required to make dinner reservations? Is the beach and lounging area in the old Royal Suites section open to everyone or is that just for families? We are bringing our adult children and their fiance/girlfriend and would like to make sure we get in the adults only area and have rooms that are close to one another. Any advice would be great. Excited to get back to what was our happy place hoping it hasn't changed to much.

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Re: Changes since Royal Suites was eliminated

Post by jenai23 »

Hello, everything you experienced in the Royal Suites area is still available to you if you stay in the new Family Section. Only difference is it is newly renovated and you will see children. Punta Mita still serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The bar is still great in the lobby. The only way you will be able to use the pool in that area is if you stay in the Family Section. Same with the beach. You will still get your dinner reservations by staying over there.

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Re: Changes since Royal Suites was eliminated

Post by guyhicken »

Thanks Jenai23,

I was thinking about doing the same thing. I really wanted the TRS experience and think I am going to book the Family Section. Appreciate your input!

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